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Reply to "eBay & UPS calculator"

I like to use PM and love the free supplies

You've got my interest!!! What is "PM" and what free supplies do you get from them?

I have a question about shipping....i.e. I put a pair of shoes on auction for $8.99 with postage of $5.71 using the EBAY calculator (I chose the zipcode from a city/town as far away from me as possible and did not add handling fee)

Another posting in the same area has a pair of shoes that are identical to mine but has a fixed postage of $3.75....after deducting the Ebay posting fee ($.70, plus the gallary fee $.35, the final selling fee, and possibly the Paypal fee, how can this person ship something so cheaply?

What am I doing wrong!

TENNISNTRAINS - another former sd lister
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