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Reply to "Ebay store or an store on Auctiva?"

My jury returns the verdict of death by misadventure, an eBay store does not work for my magazines even though they can sell pretty well by auction the monthly shop fees (basic) are in my mind a waste of money.

Reasons :-
1) The Auctiva store front can use header pictures saving me gallery fees

2) Shop inventory format is virtually invisible, even during the two recent half price promotions here in the UK I sold less than 1% of those listed and sold many more on auction !

3) After straight eBay searches I appear to get more hits from my Auctiva store front than my eBay store

So that's it had enough of the eBay store facility. Frown

Regarding the Auctiva store front I wish the store search facility could avoid picking up a sub-string match. When I want a whole word to be found delimited by spaces I do not want the specified combination of letters buried within a word to trigger a match. Any chance of that tweak being done ? Smile
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