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So just to clarify that I'm on the same page here. If I cancel my eBay store and just use the Auctiva store, I can only list items that are on auction not store items? I had also hoped to get rid of my eBay store and just using Auctiva but if I can only feature auction items then that wont do me any good.

eBay fees are costing me more then what I'm earning. Between the insertion fee, the monthly fees, the final value fees and paypal fees, there's not much left.
Hi Community,

The Auctiva store is not necessarily a replacement for your eBay store, so you certainly may want to continue with your eBay Stores subscription even though your now have an Auctiva store. Your Auctiva store is a customizable storefront that displays all of your active eBay listings at any given time, and can be reached by clicking the link on the bottom-right of your scrolling gallery,

While your eBay store also displays all of your active eBay listings at any given time, it can be reached by the “Visit My Store” link that eBay places in your auctions and, most importantly, even if you have an Auctiva store, an eBay store is still required to post “store item” format listings, which are “Buy it Now” only, entail extended listing durations, and are charged according to the eBay Stores fee structure.

Any additional questions? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:

I'm UK based and I've been thinking about opening an ebay store. I have 100's of car magazines I'm selling through ebay. Am I correct in thinking that if I list store items through auctiva they will be listed in SIF (shop inventory format). Is this a less expensive way to list ?

I believe in SIF though are not searchable so would this make them hard to find for visitors ?
Hi iWantOut,

Yes, when you list your items through Auctiva, they still show up in your eBay store as normal.


Yes, if you select "store item" as your sale type when listing a given item through Auctiva, iit would be posted in the store inventory format. Store inventory items entail smaller insertion fees, higher final value fees, and are not displayed in normal search results.

My jury is still out on whether the eBay store inventory format is worthwhile considering the auction insertion fees for media are lower than standard item insertion fees.

Lower insertion, higher FVF are ok for lower value iems if the items are actually found in the first place !

P.S. SIF are searchable once the buyer has found where to set it up, something like two levels down on the search customisation setup. In otherwords eBay only want auctions and know that most buyers will not either know or be able to configure thier searches that well.
My jury returns the verdict of death by misadventure, an eBay store does not work for my magazines even though they can sell pretty well by auction the monthly shop fees (basic) are in my mind a waste of money.

Reasons :-
1) The Auctiva store front can use header pictures saving me gallery fees

2) Shop inventory format is virtually invisible, even during the two recent half price promotions here in the UK I sold less than 1% of those listed and sold many more on auction !

3) After straight eBay searches I appear to get more hits from my Auctiva store front than my eBay store

So that's it had enough of the eBay store facility. Frown

Regarding the Auctiva store front I wish the store search facility could avoid picking up a sub-string match. When I want a whole word to be found delimited by spaces I do not want the specified combination of letters buried within a word to trigger a match. Any chance of that tweak being done ? Smile
It would be helpful if this was explained at the outset. I have an ebay store and decided I liked the Auctiva setup, templates etc. So I purchased a domain name and set up the store,or at least tried to, only to find that the store does not replace the ebay store but hides itself in a posted listing!!
So now I have my ebay store name and an Auctiva name that Auctiva insists it seems to using the default,. Any suggestions here would be welcome.
Did I make an error somewhere along the way?
It would be helpful if this was explained at the outset.

I'm afraid that the information is widely posted on these boards.

A domain name is not a prerequiste to an Auctiva store as it is only another window, lets say, on your eBay items, however using it with the Auctiva tools and image hosting is extremely cost effective when you become practised in using them.

If you believed you were misled I would suggest you contact Auctiva support before you start using it and explain, they may just cancel it for you, depends on the small print. I preferred to buy a domain name from outside because I beleive Auctiva retain ownership of the domain name they sell and so it cannot be used for any other purpose. Perhaps a regular here can confirm this please.

Alternatively I suggest you start a new thread to ask others how to use the domain name effectively.

Since I last wrote on this thread I like many others have had enough of eBay and am now selling 99% of my items elsewhere so I cannot really advise much further.
Ai for one have an Auctiva storefront. Ai like it. Ai am patiently waiting for Auctiva to open its Commerce site and we all can have wonderful storefronts and not have to use ebay at all.
If Auctiva pulls this off, which I feel they will, we will all be very happy and we will make some $$, unlike ebay that just keeps taking all our profits!!
This month is one Ai am wishing to go by fast so January 2009 will get here fast!
Please clarify:
For eBayers that only have a eBay Store and no other website to display an Auctiva Store Link What benefit is an Auctiva Store other than second Link in your eBay Listings to an area where all your eBay items are listed? I'd be sure to bet that 99.9% of all lookers know to click on link to View Sellers Store verbiage and/or the Store Logo and/or can see Store Banner in listing to link to Sellers Other Items, then there's Auctiva's Scrolling Picture Show.

How does it make sense to have an Auctiva Store if you have no web site elsewhere?

Is it worth taking the time to setup & maintaining layout / appearance / categories / etc. of a second store? Both Auctiva Store & eBay Store show same items, only physical Store appearence and layout would be different, is that correct?

All eBay listings already have Auctiva Scrolling Free Picture Show, providing option is turned on.

The Auctiva Store does not scroll in all listings like the Free Picture Show does or does it? I am under impression it is just a link in your listing and that eBay had issues with same at one point.

Is there a need for extra work for Auctiva Store if you do not have a domain name or other web site to put the Auctiva Store Link in?

Am I missing something or do I have the gist-of-it?

Is there any other integration between the Auctiva Store, Auctiva Scrolling Free Picture Show and an eBay Store if no other web site and/or domain name?

(I've been away from eBay / Auctiva last two years due to illness. Back now trying to digest & comphrend all the new features of Auctiva & eBay & how and/or it they integrate with each other and list at the least expensive way I can, fee's have sored last couple of years, bummer!)

Much gratitude for taking time to reply!
Happy New Year!
All this seems moot, since I noticed in the Q&A's going on around the time ebay announced it was tightening up payment methods (disallowing checks and MO's in favor of electronic, aka paypal payments), someone did ask about third-party setups and ebay's answer was that it was going to phase them out in favor of a setup of its own creation. The info was buried in a ton of other questions/answers regarding the more immediate changes being implemented, but still are significant for Auctiva users and others.

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