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Reply to "I don't even know how to explain this one"

There is nothing unusual on my end and this is NOT a cookies nor a cache issue. I do not post issues that are on my end...why would I.
It is on your end and it is "your warnings"....NOT my browser warnings either.
I have also repeated stated I do not post issue that would be resolved by clearing cookies or continuing to tell me to do so isn't going to change that fact....especially since every issue so far I have had has been on Auctiva's end.

Please please please forward this to the techs...there is no troubleshooting to be done on my end and I have already been informed by your customer support staff in previous support tickets that they are not techs and that the techs do not directly respond to support tickets.

I have posted the issue here. Maybe another poster can help or has an idea on how to deal...or maybe they are having the same issue.

I just want this resolved. I really don't want to argue with support staff for a week that this issue isn't on my has happened on my last support ticket.

Thank you

Copy of this too has been screen-shotted to be sent to eBay at their request since posts are being pulled for asking not to repeat scripted responses after being advised several times that cookies and cache and browser are eliminated as issues prior to posting about issues....and is being ignored
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