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Reply to "I'm getting MARRIED! BUY my stuff......PLEASE!!"

You know I send best wishes.

I love that you are planning far enough ahead that your family and friends get to share in the nuptials.

I can't imagine not having my loved ones, my babies, family around to share in the beginning of a new life together. To me it seems pointless if you can't share the day with your children, family and those you love and have their blessings as the nuptials are being pledged.

I'm with you...make the day to accomodate others and start off your new life the right way.

Uhhhhh...marrying part? That would help...immensely! <smile> I'm a notary..does that help? HA!

DJ? I can sing...what time should I be there? My only payment will be the tip jar. <laughing>

We'll be in NC the second week of June...albeit the Asheville area and then over to the Raleigh Durham area...I'll be sending good thoughts your way on the seventh of July.

By the way, the site isn't's lovely.

Blessings Kathleen...Many heart felt lovely Blessings to your new family.

Get out there folks and buy her stuff so she can hire me to DJ at the wedding!

modified to add: From one ecommerce Diva to another...I blogged you and hope you get some hits for sales. Keep me posted if I can do this again for you!

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