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Reply to "Look what I won. Protest Auction!"

Got the old, “Fee-Hike Flu”?
The “search cutback shakes”?
Pay(n)Pal stepping on your last nerve?
“Upgrade-Upchuck” leave you trembling?
Maybe the latest strain of “Feedback-Fiasco” has you in fits?

If this is you, then let “Pop Waggle” tell you about his world famous “Auction-Abuse Elixir & Tonic”! Not only will you receive relief from this worldwide epidemic, but you will see your countenance brighten as you see better exposure; you will also find yourself rejuvenated by all those increased sales. Watch those tired & waning muscles tone up right before your eyes as you take your daily jog to the post office (or shipping facilitator of your choice)”. Watch your social circle grow as you enjoy new and renewed contact with banker’s & investment counselors. Shake that giant off your back now, and join the rank’s of “Pop Waggle’s” recruits.
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