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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Pretty crappy....really makes you wonder why ANY of us stay??

Easy . . . . the devil runs the only site with a decent sell through rate because it has a household name like Xerox and Hoover.

One can only hope that when new buyers see all the sellers with copious quantities of reds shortly they will think this site is too risky to buy from.

They will think it's littered with liars and thieves, and there will be no way they can tell who is genuinely good or bad (bit like before) but this time many will be covered in e-sores (negs) and appear to have come down with e-plague or worse.

Hopefully this should turn on its head the thought that this wonderful piecemeal destruction of eBay once loved by thousands of sellers is perhaps a poor idea. Glad I do not have any shares in it, I would start feeling rather uneasy.

And for homework, anyone, ask your friends to name as many online auction venues as they can and award a prize to any one who can name three ! Smile
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