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Reply to "Parcel Select -Why can't we put in dimensions when listing?"

Shucks..need to get listings up for some large, boxes, not huge but oversize printer and appliances.

Soooo we can't put size of box in. This is a another big problem.

I can tell from my own experience that if I ship an 18 x 12 x 12 box, 4 pound (which is NOT huge) to my zone or zone near me it goes for about $12 - 15.00 priority mail. IF I ship same exact box to California it runs in the $55.00 Priority Mail range. Who can afford to take those kind of hits?? I sure can't.
I HAVE to offer parcel and UPS for people on other coast to buy this item.

What happens with old items that do have it in listing, hopefully it is not dropping while I sure checked them before I launched them lst time, I do not go back and check every item every launch.

Auctiva, this really needs to be addressed ASAP, one package without the correct size could cost us more than the package is worth.

I noticed earlier this week it seemed to be dropping, but thought with my other issues this was just part of that drama and found other things to do.

This is really in URGENT need of a fix as could lose lots of money here without it.
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