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Why can I not put in dimensions of my package when shipping using USPS Parcel Select when listing thru Auctiva?
Example: I just shipped a eBay sale Box that measured 21 x 18 x 14", which 2 qualifies for the 84" max under USPS max. measurements for a Regular Sized Box.
When I listed it, I put in an extra 2 pounds (13lbs total), but could not put in measurements.
The box ended up weighing 11 lbs and once I calculated the pricing thru Ebay shipping labels, it came out costing me nearly an extra $3.00 on postage. Grrrrr
This is the second time this has happened to me, that I've had to pay out of my own pocket because of the weights not being figured correctly.
Can you tell me why?
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Hi MarleneM,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. Our system is set up such that the Dimensions fields are only activated when using a shipping service and package size combinations for which they are necessary, and I see that our site is not currently allowing package dimensions to be entered when Parcel Select is selected as the only shipping service.

I just completed some testing with respect to this potential issue and noticed something very strange about how this is handled on the eBay Sell your Item and Revise your Item forms which makes it difficult to tell exactly how these circumstances should be handled, but I have forwarded the details to our technical team for further investigation.

Once I confirmed that I could not enter package dimensions when posting an item through Auctivw with Parcel Select as the only shipping service, I checked the eBay Revise your Item form for the listing and found that I was allowed to enter the dimensions there.

However, when I stepped through the process of completing a new listing using the Sell your Item form directly on the eBay site, I found that the Dimensions fields became hidden as soon as I selected “USPS Parcel Select” from the “Services” drop down menu.

I'll keep you posted on this issue as any new information becomes available. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Wel Mike, Tell me how I'm going to ship either a Parcel Select sized or Over Sized Parcel Select without dimensions and get the correct postage?
After having used Auctiva on the last 3 large sized shipments and losing several dollars each, I'm at a loss now on whether or not your site is figuring the correct postage on this new parcel select catagory.
Hi MarleneM,

I'm actually not so sure the calculation issue you mentioned is related to your inability to enter package dimensions when listing these items, especially given that it is not even possible to enter package dimensions for listings which only offer Parcel Select shipping when creating them directly through the Sell your Item form on the eBay website.

Also, our system does not actually calculate postage for your items as you suggested. We simply submit the package and shipping service details you enter along with your listings and eBay's shipping calculator calculates the postage based on those details.

However, if you feel the lack of dimensions is the cause of the discrepancy, it appears that you can add dimensions to listings posted using this service through the eBay Revise your Item form while they are active as I mentioned in my previous reply.

If you have not done so already, it would also be a good idea to contact eBay's Customer Support team and see if they can provide you with any additional information on why the shipping calculations for these items did not match what it actually cost to purchase your labels.

Although it is definitely strange that eBay allows dimensions to be added when using this service through their Revise your Item, I do not currently believe any changes are necessary on our side since the behavior on our site currently matches the eBay Sell your Item form in this regard.

I hope this adds some clarity to the situation.

This is a very legit issue and needs to be fixed. "Large packages" need dimensions to be able to calculate the postage correctly. This is actually a POSTAL REQUIREMENT.
Auctiva, since they also offer postage labels, should also be very much aware that the size of packages, especially large packages is dependent on not only the weight but also the size.

USPS doesn't charge one flat rate for all weights and sizes...postage is based on weight, size and distance being shipping etc. Large packages can have not only higher rates based on the SIZE of the packages but surcharges based on the SIZE. This info is also posted on the USPS website.

Having to go to eBay to enter the dimensions, which MUST be done to calculate the correct postage on eBay in addition to and after creating the listing in Auctiva is just another unnecessary step.

Listing on Auctiva is suppose to avoid having to keep going into eBay to revise listings so they can be correctly listed.
This issue also has the potential to cost sellers out of pocket money if the postage is not calculated correctly.

This is NOT an eBay issue....we are not required to address this issue with eBay and eBay has nothing to do with what is not on Auctiva's listing form. Ebay can't put it here on Auctiva for us is an Auctiva issue as the ability to enter the dimensions is NOT available on Auctiva where we are creating our listings.
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Hi MarleneM (& Others),

Actually, eBay appears to have recently changed how they handle the entry of package details (such as dimensions) since I last replied to this thread such that the Sell your Item form now allows this information to be entered regardless of which shipping service or package size is selected - and even when only offering flat rate shipping.

Perhaps the inconsistent behavior between the Sell your Item form and Revise your Item form I observed before was a product of the changes that eBay has been making to this part of the listing creation process.

Our Product Management team is currently looking into this change and I expect we will be able to adjust our lister page to correspond with these latest changes regarding the entry of package details as part of a future update to our site.

Shucks..need to get listings up for some large, boxes, not huge but oversize printer and appliances.

Soooo we can't put size of box in. This is a another big problem.

I can tell from my own experience that if I ship an 18 x 12 x 12 box, 4 pound (which is NOT huge) to my zone or zone near me it goes for about $12 - 15.00 priority mail. IF I ship same exact box to California it runs in the $55.00 Priority Mail range. Who can afford to take those kind of hits?? I sure can't.
I HAVE to offer parcel and UPS for people on other coast to buy this item.

What happens with old items that do have it in listing, hopefully it is not dropping while I sure checked them before I launched them lst time, I do not go back and check every item every launch.

Auctiva, this really needs to be addressed ASAP, one package without the correct size could cost us more than the package is worth.

I noticed earlier this week it seemed to be dropping, but thought with my other issues this was just part of that drama and found other things to do.

This is really in URGENT need of a fix as could lose lots of money here without it.
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Hi MarleneM (& Others),

We have just updated our system such that you should now be able to enter package dimensions when listing through Auctiva and offering USPS Parcel Select as your only available shipping service.

Our technical team is still working to update our lister page to always support the entry of dimensions and other package details when using flat rate or calculated shipping based on the latest eBay changes and I will keep you posted on that as additional information becomes available.

While it is great that you added the area for dimensions it is not working as it should.

It is allowing dimensions larger than what USPS accepts for specific methods and it is allowing the listings to be posted over to eBay.
On the eBay side the listings are in error and the shipping is not posting. It defaults to not posting any shipping and telling the buyers that they must contact the seller.
Auctiva's shipping calculator also won't accept dimensions larger than the specified methods either. So this should be a given on the listing page as well.

As sellers we don't necessarily know there is a problem as
1. It should just not accept dimensions larger than the selected methods allow.
Ebay doesn't and wont accept dimensions larger than those acceptable for the selected methods on the eBay listing page. It will not allow the shipping section to be completed or the listing to post until the dimensions meet USPS requirements for the specified method.
The USPS will also not print a label or give a quote if the dimensions are too large for the specified method.
The same holds true for Auctiva's shipping calculator to print labels. It will not allow dimensions larger than what USPS accepts for specified methods.
Everyone of these will post the error but the shipping section of the listing page does not.

2. As far as sellers are concerned, unless they do the math on every package, which most don't as it isn't necessary anywhere else (on eBay or USPS) they think listings are posting correctly because it is allowing larger dimensions than it should on the Auctiva side...and because the listings are posting.
If there is an error in the dimensions for a specific method it should be caught on the Auctiva side prior to posting....actually it should be caught when inputting the shipping information so it can be correct immediately.
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Hi CaptainKC,

Can you please file a support case about the behavior you described by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option?

You should not need to enter dimensions when offering shipping via USPS Small Flat Rate Box so we will need to look into your situation further.


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