Reply to "PLEASE let us choose to enable the optional eBay Gallery for ourselves!"

Thanks for the feedback and outlining your use case, its really does help us understand all the different ways people are using Auctiva.

For reference, we implemented the default enabling of the optional eBay gallery images for a number of reasons:

  • It was a highly requested enhancement by our users.
  • The optional eBay gallery is free and has been for a while.
  • The free optional eBay gallery ensures your images are displayed on all platforms including mobile (users browsing eBay with an iPad, etc. which when reviewing consumer session data is approximately 40% of buyer traffic) and the eBay mobile app, where other images and descriptions do not show up on the main page and require multiple clicks to navigate and view. This is the most important benefit, buyers will see up to 12 of your items images on the items landing page for free.
  • Having multiple free gallery images positively affects eBay search results for your item and allows buyers (specifically on mobile platforms) the ability to more easily view/assess the item you are selling and can decrease the possibility of buyer dissatisfaction, which ultimately helps seller performance standards.

With that said, I think i understand the concern and as we continue to enhance our tools, we are making every attempt to make the management of your e-commerce business and specifically eBay listing easier for our users.

For your current case in the mean time, I believe your process could be streamlined if you uncheck the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" first, then click the "Remove All Images" link in the Auctiva Image Selection section. That way you see no pop-ups.

If you have a specific listing where this occurs, please feel free to post that listing id and we can validate I'm really understanding the use case correctly.

Thanks again for your continued feedback, as we are more focused then ever to try to make selling on eBay easier and more profitable for Auctiva users.
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