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Reply to "Please Rate my Ebay Store"

I like the colors and you're listings are friendly. However, I'm not a big fan on centered text. When I first started on eBay, I used centered text. As I progressed, I began using left text. To me, it appears much more professional. Left text is how we all normally read most everything. Why should our eBay listings be any different?

I've tried the measuring charts as well. They work but you 'will' receive customers with questions on measurements. Then you have to go pull the item and measure it for them. I also feel sales went down without measurements. I think some buyers just click out of listings without measurements. I dislike doing measurements but I've decided they're necessary.

I'm not a fan of colored text, unless it is a soft color. I would take the pink/purple text and use it for the words 'Brand New' and then make the rest of the text regular color. Be careful using the word -- Macy*s. I know for a fact, if you're reselling Macy*s overstock using their name is forbidden. I won't turn you in but there are TONS of busy bodies out there who will. Just say something like a 'leading' or 'famous' department store. People who shop Macy's know, INC is a in house brand name.

In my opinion, less is more when it comes to listings. Truth be told, most buyers do not read listings. You stand a better chance if your listings are very easy to read and short and sweet. I would edit your listings and make them shorter.

I hope you don't mind my input. I love designing and creating beautiful storefronts and listing templates. It curbs my creative urges, lol. It took me a long time to get my listings and storefront (still working on it) where I want them but it's been worth it.

You're on the right track, keep going, keep improving. You'll get it in no time at all.

Good job! Smile
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