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Reply to "What is eBay up to now?"

I believe that the government ~ in all it's wisdom likes to lull the American people into a sense of

"WoW, so this is democracy and free enterprise", a real 'euphoria' ~

Then whammo

. . . and when that happens they already have a 'net full' of entepreneurs that have a fairly long and established business with well documented track records of taxable income . . .
they WILL come prepared with our "numbers" at tax time, and won't take . . .

"Well. I'm just trying to start up a business and I don't really know what to 'guestimate' my taxes at"

. . .THEY - The government- will already know.

When Iowa started implementing MANDATORY state sales tax COLLECTION at events, such as automotive swap meets, flea market and craft shows - and this was in the late 80's -
they came in taking names #'s and kicking butt -
(Vendor Names . . . License #'s . . . License PLATE #'s - pictures Eek

I have personally seen some 'revenue agents' estimating to collect sales tax by what the vendor had marked as prices on his merchandise -and the vendor, he had to pay.
(Didn't have the 'new' temporary Iowa State Sales Tax Permit filled out or handy - so Wham . . .

they hit those people hard.

To this day, when I sell at automotive events . . . You will not find a price on anything I have out . . . Holdover from the old 'Gestapo Days", or the fact that "Price Depends On Attitude" - I'm not sure myself - but I'm ready for `em!

This in all it's apparant "paranoia", is my guestimate as to what is going to come about in the not too distant future . ..

Fore-warned IS Fore-armed . . .

Cause it's just not a war they are trying to finance.
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