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What is eBay up to now?

Now Available: Register as a Business

Methinks, they will be requiring this and that soon. Too many people making too much money. Business license requirements? Tax this and that? You get the idea. Market the move as a business sellers paradise and then reel in the net later on. So, what do you think? Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Or is it neutral?
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I think it's exactly what it says it is, no hidden agenda. Although I trust eBay as far as I could throw them, I don't think this has any bearing or effect on personal sellers.

"With a Business account, you can associate your business name with your account. You will also be notified when we offer business-specific services and events, such as our Seller OnRamp program, or future networking opportunities with other ecommerce businesses."

Seems pretty clear to me.
Yes -- I guess it does.

I was wondering about having to have a biz license or whatever. More likey a fee structure based on membership. I mean, they can't keep raising the fee structure every year. They would price A LOT of sellers out. They have to get creative as they're hitting a ceiling. Membership based on 'type' and 'volume'. I dunno, maybe not. The reason it strikes me as being odd is this -- why not just add a place to put your business name without changing the 'type' of account you have?

Why make a point of 'personal' vs 'business' account? Come on, most everyone who sells on eBay is doing it to make money in a business sense of some kind. Nothing new. I dunno -- might be nothing but it feels like the beginning or 'something'. Let me ask you, did you change your account 'type' from 'personal' to 'business'?

Just curious.
Yes, I do. I wonder how many sellers will edit their account to reflect 'business' status? I'm sticking with my gut feelings on this one. Somehow, eBay will use this to their advantage. Of course, they'll offer little 'perks' to get sellers to migrate over to a 'business' account.

I have a DBA, a merchant bank account and an online merchant account. However, I'm not 'incorporated'. Methinks something is up at eBay and it will be interesting to see what 'it' is. Lol, no pun intended on the 'it'.
Just the beginning of the I.R.S. ending it's passive role as 'Observer' in the "Non-Taxable" internet sales that the government has so big heartedly allowed for the last . . . 10-12 years?

Scares me when the fishermen start bringing in the nets that we had forgotten they had thrown out - or maybe we had just assumed that those nets had HUGE holes in them and that we could just 'escape' when the time seemed right . . . ! Wink
Maybe they'll get creative and come up with a flat rate tax for internet sales. Who knows. Something is up, this is for sure. Big corporations don't make structural changes without good reason. I doubt the 'reason' behind creating 'business' accounts for eBayers is so they can have a 'business' status listed in their profile. I mean, buyers don't even bother to read auction listings, lol. Don't be fooled. Let's all watch and see what little trinkets (carrots) they dangle, lol.
Have to admit, I'm with Magie on this one.

Does ebay really need anything to entice more people to come on ebay and sell? They already sank quite a bit of money into the IT campaign, and as a marketing major, I was taught to never try two campaigns *at once*, it's confusing to the consumer.

This just...well, it *feels* insidious. I really do believe this is the tip of a really icky iceberg for mid-range sellers like myself; with federal fees and taxes and god-knows-whatelse to come. As for how long it's gonna take, who'm I to say. But I'm documenting my wares and profits a bit more carefully from here on out. I don't wanna be audited at age 23.

I believe that the government ~ in all it's wisdom likes to lull the American people into a sense of

"WoW, so this is democracy and free enterprise", a real 'euphoria' ~

Then whammo

. . . and when that happens they already have a 'net full' of entepreneurs that have a fairly long and established business with well documented track records of taxable income . . .
they WILL come prepared with our "numbers" at tax time, and won't take . . .

"Well. I'm just trying to start up a business and I don't really know what to 'guestimate' my taxes at"

. . .THEY - The government- will already know.

When Iowa started implementing MANDATORY state sales tax COLLECTION at events, such as automotive swap meets, flea market and craft shows - and this was in the late 80's -
they came in taking names #'s and kicking butt -
(Vendor Names . . . License #'s . . . License PLATE #'s - pictures Eek

I have personally seen some 'revenue agents' estimating to collect sales tax by what the vendor had marked as prices on his merchandise -and the vendor, he had to pay.
(Didn't have the 'new' temporary Iowa State Sales Tax Permit filled out or handy - so Wham . . .

they hit those people hard.

To this day, when I sell at automotive events . . . You will not find a price on anything I have out . . . Holdover from the old 'Gestapo Days", or the fact that "Price Depends On Attitude" - I'm not sure myself - but I'm ready for `em!

This in all it's apparant "paranoia", is my guestimate as to what is going to come about in the not too distant future . ..

Fore-warned IS Fore-armed . . .

Cause it's just not a war they are trying to finance.
I have not received an e-mail from eBay for either, "Register as a Business", or the other one you just received about the New User Policy - or I hav'nt received the last one yet, I should say . . .

My question for Magie . . . are you a seller in the "upper" Powerseller catagory (I don't need to know that in a personal way - but goes to an eBay "target' e-mailing class), as in, if you are a seller in a BIG way - maybe you receive these certain e-mails targeted to you and others that fall into a set guideline of things to come . . . TAX COLLECTION, and keeping tabs on those that are worth keeping tabs on . . .

Where most of us are probably like me . . . selling "junk" to support a personal "junk habit" - We are just those who at this time are not really worth the effort of corralling when there are bigger fish to fry - when trying to implement "MANDATORY" 1st-phase corporate "VOLUNTARY" compliance with new government regulations in regards to changes in say .. . Tax codes/laws .. .you know the ones . . .

they get passed - sandwiched into a bill full of 'Blah Roll Eyes Blah Roll Eyes Blah Roll Eyes' stuff - in the wee hours of the last day of the last congressional session of the season.

I don't know either what the deal is, but it is going to be an ORDEAL I'm sure . . . and being a low echelon Powerseller, I'm sure I'll be receiving my e-mailing notifications too, if not now .. . soon . . .

and so on and so on and so on, right down the line til they get to the smallest of sellers/buyers who, while they can barely read and follow simple instructions, will be forced to fill out forms, get tax numbers, file stuff, do this, jump through that hoop, sweat the bullets and basically decide that it isn't worth it . . .

And where is the governmental wisdom in doing that . . . scaring off all those rebel nickels and dimes -

til, before you know it . . . we'll all be speaking Russian or some other Commune Based integrated language of the poor . . . Hey that's the basic theory of Communism isn't it . . . Share and Share alike . . . but only in one direction .. . the Governments! Eek
Go into your eBay 'preferences' and check whatever it is that will allow them to send you 'updates' and so on. You don't have to be a Powerseller to receive these notices. You just have to grant them permission.

Also -- under your 'My eBay' about center of the page eBay posts announcements. The 'business' register deal was posted there and after I read it I posted it here so we could all *itch about it together.

I hope this helps. Smile
I just noticed up under our 'preferences' area on each newly listed listing it specifies that we are registered as a 'private seller'.

Here is a well known Powerseller's preference area below.

evalueville ( 60711)
Feedback Score: 60711
Positive Feedback: 95.0%
Member since Jun-10-99 in United States
Registered as a private seller

As you can see, something is definately up. Eek
Oooh...good eye magie. I wouldn't have caught that!

In your opinon, do you think it's going to make any difference, not registering as a 'business', when the proverbial dung hits the fan?

Edited to add: By the by, I see that evalueville has less than a 99% FB rating - I had thought that powersellers had to maintain a 99% minimum FB - am I wrong or was evalueville grandfathered before the requirement was mandatory?

Originally posted by Foxfyre33:
Oooh...good eye magie. I wouldn't have caught that!

In your opinon, do you think it's going to make any difference, not registering as a 'business', when the proverbial dung hits the fan?

Edited to add: By the by, I see that evalueville has less than a 99% FB rating - I had thought that powersellers had to maintain a 99% minimum FB - am I wrong or was evalueville grandfathered before the requirement was mandatory?


I don't think it will matter much as long as any seller who is making a living and or extra 'income' selling on eBay -- pays their taxes. I also believe we are looking at a flat rate internet sales tax or something. I dunno. For those who don't pay their taxes, I believe your days are numbered.

I don't know too much about eBay's history per se with regard to former rules vs newer rules. However, I did research eValueville's history. Kind of like, a learn from those who are successful type of deal. Anyway, the article I read was dated a few years ago and at that time they reported that they were closing 300,000 listings per year. I'm sure it's more now. In other words, they're making eBay a decent chunk of change. I can't see eBay doing anything to rock their money making boat as it were.

I've also heard it explained that FB is calculated based on total volume or something and this affects the numbers and yadda, yadda. Anyhoo, yeah, P-r-i-v-a-t-e Seller.

Dum - de - dum - dum! Eek

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