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Originally posted by Jean:
Will someone please tell me how to post a FIxed Price listing with Auctiva? If I just check the "Buy It Now" box, it estimates my ebay fee as 5 cents, and I know that today its 10 cents. Ebay wont give me that rate if I post a regular auction style listing and then revise it.

Good afternoon,

Buy it Now costs .05 extra with eBay. The original auction may be a charge of .10 but eBay charges you blind for every single thing that you add on. And Buy It Now is an add-on. Just as if you wanted to add a Gallery pic for an item..that's an added .35 cents. Giftwrapping another..what is that dang charge? Twenty five cents.

Feebay...errr..I meant eBay charges for every single extra.

I hope I'm not confusing you!
Blessings, Donna
Buy It Now isn't the same as Fixed Price.

However, eBay uses the same BIN button for both formats.

Buy It Now is used as an extra within an 'auction' style listing.

A fixed priced listing is just that, fixed. A buyer cannot and does not bid on the item.

So today, eBay is offering a set fee of .10 for all Fixed Priced listings. You need to switch your 'format' from 'auction' style to 'fixed price' style to receive the .10 sale price.

I hope this helps. Now get listing! Smile
Anybody migrating over here and has a store this is the perfect time to get moved out of SD for good!

Send ALL you store items listed with SD to the Fixed Price listings. These will end on the 15th, which is the same day Tomas cuts your account of for non payment. Whatever doesn't sell you can put back in your store via Auctiva and now you are done with SD once and for all Big Grin

If you do this make sure you save a copy of your image and then DO NOT delete the one from SD.

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