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I am getting a bit worried now.
I have files a support ticket and not heard anything and no response is posted here either.
I tried to change my window to empty text just so it wouldn't show 2 of each item, but that isn't working either!
I also have listings ending today and some of them are not showing in the store or store window!!!
I understand it is a free service, but still feel some kind of response would be nice.
Is anyone else having this problem? I am totally frustrated now!!!!!!!!
Auctiva, please tell me when this will be fixed!
I hope that gets us some kind of response.
It is unfortunate this happens this way.
I guess I just keep hanging in here hoping that they can get this site squared away because I do like what they have to offer! I think their templates and pic hosting are a big help and it does save on Ebay fees also!
So, I don't think I want to throw the towel in just yet! Smile
Just hope they can take care of this for us!
I did try again to change my store window to show text and put in there to check my other auctions above. But that hasn't changed yet either! I just hope that will let potential buyers be able to see ALL of my other auctions.
Well I wish you all the best of luck on getting things straightened around also!
Although it shows 2 or more of the same item, when you click on each of them they will take you to the same item page, so if your item is sold it will show this on each of the linked pages.

Personally I'm not too worried about it as it helps to fill up the store window, however you can change it by editing your store items and hiding the duplicate entries.

These guys have enough problems to sort out on this site so give them a hand and edit your own store...
Experiencing the same problem here as well. I normally do not rely too much on the store window in my listings (which is why it is at the bottom of my auctions) but I do not like to see two of the same items appear in the window giving folks the wrong impression that I have two of each for sale.

I know you have received many support tickets already about this. Hopefully all will be resolved soon and we will get an update.

Showing 2 of each is not the only thing wrong. It doesn't show all of my listings.
Yes, I have tried to edit my own store to show only text! I may just disable it all together?
And for some people, this is fairly new and they may not know all of the ins and outs of the whole thing yet! I know that I am still learning! I surely do not know all there is to know about editing and all that!
I had no clue that you can edit what shows in the store, and wonder if it will still show ALL of my listings!
I guess that I will have to work on that after work today! If I am able to fix it myself, great!
I am sure that these guys do have their hands full, but that does come with the territory doesn't it?
Hi Community,

Our developers are currently working on a solution to this problem, however, I'm not quite sure when it will be carried out. Once the fix is implemented, the duplicates will be removed automatically.

In the mean time, you can prevent these duplicate listings from being displayed in your store window is to make these item numbers hidden in your Auctiva Store at Auctiva -> Store(tab) -> Edit Store Items. Any items that are made hidden will no longer be displayed in your Auctiva store, nor will they be displayed in your store window the next time it refreshes, which it does about every 4 hours.

On Sunday I automated nearly 100 listings. That night before going to bed I decided to check on them to see if they had arrived on eBay. Lo and behold, I had TRIPLES! Goodness, I had to contact eBay support, give them all of the listing numbers that were in triplicate, delete them and then they refunded my fees. I was up until about 3 AM taking care of this. I sure hope this doesn't happen again. It would have been very costly for me if eBay hadn't refunded the listing fees.

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