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I sold a bag that is around 4lbs - 4.5lbs and it sold for $$$ and the shipping was for $18.99

now I dont say it but I always insure items over $100 and also delivery confirmation too ..but this seller who sells jeans who bid on it had the gall to email me AFTER THE ITEM WAS bought
I just won this bag but I didn't notice how much you were charging for shipping when I bid on it. I am somewhat of an expert on shipping charges - especially USPS - and I know that this bag will cost no more than $12.00 to ship to me. Why are you asking for so much more?"

I go to USPS and calculate for her zip and it is only about $1.50 extra and so I say it is shipped out with insurance BUT

THAT IS NOT HER DAMNED BUSINESS - she charges 10-12 to ship denims an shirts and she says I overcharge? and then she says

again I calculated and it only comes to $16 and she is not going to gripe over $3 -
what the h****???
Who asked her to bid and then nag me on the handling and DID I write on my acutions I WAS A CHARITY FOR HER?

I am really bugged by this and KNOW SHE WILL TRY to ding my DSR which is 4.9 4.9 4.9 and 4.7- and I DONT WANT TO Sell to her

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I would be annoyed too. I always stress that any extra is handling fee anyways, there are costs even just labor included. But I usually give them a whole list, labels, time, gas, polybag (since we have to purchase them in Canada). I get asked it about $5.00 for UNLIMITED scarves if they just buy one (VERY VERY RARELY), but I stick to it. My perspective is I have a place I buy from locally and they charge $5.00 PER ITEM for me to PICK IT UP. But I know that when I am bidding. Try to explain, stay firm and move on.
Hi. As seller, you have the right to cancel any bid/bidder and no explanation is needed. You can block this person from bidding ever again. I hate bully's! One thing I must say as well, you can not add the price of gas as part of your handling charges. ebay does not allow that. Handling includes: TIME: to pack, and on line at PO and of course package material costs. To keep DSR's down, explain what your handling charges are in your listings. I state in my lisitngs I charge 1.00-1.50 extra over shipping costs. Now, I sell vintage jewelry. I'm sure handbags cost more in handling fees than my merchandise, however, I cannot see it much more. Don't want to sound like a know it all, trust me I'm not. This is more of a been there done it...not to mention how peeved I get when sellers over charge. If a piority box is used, what are the true handling costs? At that point, much less than mine, since I purchase bubble mailers in bulk. And yes, when I purchase lots and pay through the nose and see that priority box, I will ding their DSR's. Just something to ponder.
FWIW, handbags, especially good leather ones, can cost quite a bit to ship, and you can't squash one into a too-small Priority box. (I used to sell them.)

My main complaint now is that no matter where I've set my shipping charge I STILL get dinged, even when I've reduced it. So, guess what? It went back up to the point where I'm not actively losing too much on shipping, what with new boxes (no, I can't use Priority boxes), bubble wrap, tape, time...
my main complaint is that she sells her items like one shirt or one Jean and charges 10-12 priority and then asks me why I have to charge $2-3 additionally? AND asks me questions AFTER THEY BID - note before and let me block her

Also she assumed it would be 3lbs instead of the 4 lbs and how is that possible - wow ESP postal weight calculation - !!
Potentially a scam, bids, wins, then tries it on for discount, whatever you do you will probably be dinged for it and next month get a red for the slightest reason, in fact she will probably delay feedback to then and red you for any reason and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.

And regards what she does when selling, totally irrelevant, if you have realistically set your p&p stick to it, bullies are plentiful, and DSR dings are the least of your concerns right now.

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