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Hello all,

I was looking through Power Sellers Unite (PSU) and came across a great site. It has the same look and feel as ebay, which is good for buyers and sellers. Free insertion fee, lower FVF, and free basic store. I have no vested interest in the site (It is privately owned) but plan on moving many of my items there shortly. Just wanted to mention it here, it could be a great alternative to feebay. Check it out.
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I'm with you. You have to try and branch out a bit in order to see if you can avoid some of the fees that eBay charges... Unfortunately they can get away with the high fees because they have the established customer base.

I tried ePier for a while...their site seemed very kludgy and cumbersome to use (and nothing sold)... I looked at this one here and it at least does have the right look and feel to it...but as with most non-eBay places, I just didn't see any bidding going on...

But, with free listings, maybe I'll give some of my items a shot over there...who knows...

I checked on Lowbid, they are up to 58 members. Oh, wait, that was me...

Seriously, there is a golden opportunity for someone to take advantage of eBays' decline here, I think it was Donna that pointed out Overstock as being in prime position and I agree. But whomever it is will have to advertise, there will be no grassroots reproduction of the ebay story.
speaking of that they're *like* ebay....could Auctiva add them as a selling site to post to?

...if not, I could always cut and paste template html...if they do that....I haven't checked how to list things yet...BUT I WILL Big Grin

thanks for the suggestion smash*n*fashion...I hope it works....

I've also tried ...but with no luck yet....I've only listed a few things there...but I like the feel of "looks" like ebay so it seems to be a nice alternative so far, we'll see Smile

thanks again,
You can make a listing here and then SAVE it and then select that listing from the Saved Listing page and then use the GET HTML command (yes, several steps, but easy to follow)...and then you can use that to paste into your auctions that are on other sites besides eBay.

I honestly doubt that Auctiva would add a place with fewer than 100 users as one of the locations where you can automatically post, etc...

If anything they'd probably go to Overstock or Yahoo next ( seeing as how those are the next two in the popularity line )...but I wouldn't hold my breath for them branching out. eBay is their bread and butter and I doubt they will be branching out seeing as how they are doing all their work right now to add more features...

Just my thoughts...


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