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I'm sure many of you do this, but I'm not sure how you do it.

Let's say you have 5 different listings, that you want to end at different times during the day. You may have a total of 20 listings, since each listing you may want to end 4x a day let's say.

Now, if you want to do this everyday, what's the easiest way?

My only thought was to create a folder for each time of the day. Let's say a 12:00PM folder. I'll put all auctions I want to start at 12:00PM there, and then I can just schedule the entire folder (I'd have to manually do it 7x for every day of the week if I were to list weekly).

After I figure out how to copy listings from folder to folder, then I guess I can try this, which would be be rather tedious already.

Moreover, once you change one of your listings, you'd have to go change it in every single one of your folders that it exists. Sounds pretty bad to me.

Any ideas?
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There isn't a "copy" function, but you can use the "Create Similar Listing" icon on the Right-Top of any listing in the Saved Listings folder to create a duplicate.

There isn't an Auto-Scheduler or Auto-Rescheduler (that I've seen) for constant rotation, but your suggestion of having separate Folders to store sets to fire-off at separate times would at least make the click-off (all) and Schedule easier. Since you can schedule for any date and time, you could just spend one day a week or month doing scheduling and making sure everything is set correct on the Scheduled page.

OH, and for bulk changes (like your PayPal email address) to all listings in a Folder, do that with the "Find and Replace" tab on the Saved Listings page. Just did that for my several hundred and took about 2 mintues.

Thanks Dleck.

That's exactly what I'm trying to do, do things weekly or even monthly.

Here's a scenario for the auctiva pros that better illustrates my problem.

You start with:
1 item in a folder

You need:
1.) to schedule that item at 2AM 5AM 8AM 11AM 2PM 5PM 8PM 12PM (notice the spread is over 2 hours and not constant)

** Realize you have to do that for everyday of the week (let's say listing once a week). And that is one of maybe half a dozen listings.
Since the Scheduler is currently limited to a maximum of 2 hours between items for incremental posting, that schedule you have does present a challenge.

I would suggest opening a Support Case and explain what you want to do and ask if they/Auctiva can enhance the scheduler to provide a wider timeframe or even a 24 hour spacing. That way you could list the contents of a folder of 7 items with 24 hour spacing to get one of each listed at 2AM, and so on for each time during the day you want that item listed. At least you could then shotgun 7 for all seven days of a week or you could potentially do more for say 28 to 31 days to blanket a month. That would ONLY need to be done as many times as you want the auction for an item to complete on that day. Your example shows 8 completion times (looks bell curve-ish), so that's 8 scheduling submissions from a single folder.

They might also have a more elegant suggestion that I'm completely overlooking. However, the 24-hour spread would (to me) be a valuable enhancement to the scheduler for just your type of situation.

Dan's an elegant programmer challenge. Why not have a single item, multi-day scheduler that you have a fix time (like the 2 am) with pop-up calender to mark the days during the days-month as selection for the scheduler. Programmers love those challenges. Razz
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