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I wanted some lipstick for a friend back home - she said revlon - so asked seller

whether any were nicked or smooshed so she said no so I did the buy it now -
when they came home I opened it today - did not even let the kiddies touch them and yep you guessed it some were smoosed a little - like if you keep them full open and close the top -

so this is my email
"Dear h,

hi there - I have a little problem - I got my items today and I opened each tube three are smooshed at the top - I remember I specifically asked whether any were - also you have sent me two revlon reds instead of pink in the afternoon and everythings rosy instead of fire and ice - please let me know how we can solve this? - I actually dont mind the pink but do not want two reds ..I would appreciate if you could email me soon - thank you

this is her answere
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his is her answer"Hello- I know that you asked about these first and I positively, deliberately checked each and every single one of those to be certain they was not a single problem. I am more positive of that than I am of my own name! NONE were smooshed when I sent them. They positively were not. I sent you exactly what was shown in the auction. I put them in bags as they were listed and did not change anything out.You received exactly what was shown. I am sorry if the shades are not in person as you thought they were on your monitor. Sincerely, Sharon

so I email her again "*****,

your auction does not have two revlon reds in the picture- please read the picture - i personally read each tubes name and I have two revlon reds that are stated on tubes in my hand- I dont know how that happened- I bid on them thinking items were going to be exactly what you said they were - also note - smooshed by what I mean is that they have a small dents on the top of the tube of lipstick - I just reiceved the package from my mail box and nobody opened it - I dont want any discounts if that is what you are worried - I need them for gifts - if you have any replacements I would be happy to resend on my account - thank you

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and she says "Dear *****

We are not going to agree. I know what I sent and I know you are saying that I sent you damaged and wrong merchandise. It is simply a lie! You tell me what you want me to do and I will do it but I promise you it is absolutley not because I believe you are telling the truth! You set me up with your question so that you could then complain. I have done over 20 thousand transactions on ebay over 9 years and believe me I have seen it all and seen all the ways buyers try to get something for nothing! The Bible tells me I have turn the other cheek and do what you want even though I did nothing wrong. Just tell me what it is you want to be satisfied.

Now I am not a CHristian - but is SHE a fanatic???
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so this is my reply

"Dear hat***,

I do not have to lie - I just got the items today and I opened them today - I dont own a single revlon and thought to get some gifts ( since my friend specifically asked so ) I will send your stuff back today the way it was sent and I would only like my money back thank you - I do not have the time and patience to set up good people and I did not ask for your to give me EITHER a discount nor did I ask anything for free - so I dont know how I m getting something for nothing - let me know if sending your items back will get me a refund? thank you- have a good day

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then she says"Dear funnybunny786,

Now you are saying there is a problem with everything!! No I will not refund your money. I will send you two new ones. What color do you want?

" - I just wasnt comfortable and it was only $16.99 and I thought even if I dont get shipping both ways I would rather return even at a loss because I dont want to be called a liar!
NOW SHE GOES AND RETURNS $4.00 - what to do? I dont want to keep it and would still return it all
Not exactly the best customer service in the world is it? Why do these unprofessional sellers even bother? They just cut their own throats with this "don't mess with me" behavior, as well as give all sellers a bad rep. No wonder buyers say "screw it" and just go to My advice is to do whatever it takes to make you feel right about this bad deal, even it it includes returning the $4, send a FINAL email to her explaining your actions, block her from any of your own auctions, and wash your hands of the whole deal. Then pour yourself a stiff drink and watch a funny movie. Big Grin
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Ooooh yeah, I too agree with ninth_wave...(especially about the drink & funny movie! Wink) But seriously, she sounds like she's wound too tight. So she gave you $4 back? Is she also going to replace the lipstick? You always have the option of filing 'significantly not as described' with paypal, who will tell you to return at your own expense and make her refund. (If all else fails)

I looked up your transaction, she sells alot of big lipstick lots, it would be very easy for her to send you the wrong color by mistake. But not to admit it, that's just very poor customer service.

I would just keep the $4, and take the replacements, if that's what she's going to do. You'll never win with this one, being reasonable doesn't seem to be her strong suit.
Wow! What a nut!!! I had a similar problem today with a seller regarding merchandise that has not been received. We are on day 26, so LORD knows, I did not nag and waited almost 4 full weeks before I contacted her.

She too was a NUT and threw the words of GOD at me. She also added she was leaving to aid a dying friend. She also stated that I am delaying her from leaving to mind this friend, and because I am blocking her....Her friend might just die. That of course would be my fault! What a COOK!

Also: Why do crooked sellers have to use GOD as their inbetween? They are blatent liers and hide behind GOD as if they were prooving their honesty and integrity to buyers. WOW! What goes around, comes around. I need not say more in using the Lord's name in Vain... And I am a Skeptic!!!

Mind you, there are more good sellers than bad sellers. And of course the same for buyers.

However, I resolved this issue immediately by sending her this link:

She fully refundedafter she read the link and confirmed it with customer service. She tried to hind behind her motto: "not responsible for merchandise once it leaves my possession, unless you purchase insurance." Dumb wit! You as a seller are responsible for merchandise to arrive to buyer's home. In the condition listed. And of course as described! Insurance is for the post office "PROTECTION POLICY" and not the sellers. USPS protects your merchandise for damaged or lost propert. END OF CASE!

Now, YOUR CASE: You are protected! Yes, you must pay for return shipping, but the seller needs to refund your original purchace price + your original shipping and handling costs. She was obligated as per ebay policy to ship with 7 days for paypal protection and 30 days as per fed government laws. In addition, the merchandise must arrive in the condition purchased and AS DESCRIBED. You need to file a report with ebay. Click on the enclosed link and protect yourself. ebay does not care about feedback, they care about reports. Your seller will be slapped with a sellers non-performance for lack of a better word, STRIKE. If she receives many reports against her, and/or many SNP disputes, she will be NARU'D. [no longer a registered user].

Please, remain professional at all times. It sounds like you are and that is great! However, if she is not threatened by the dispute, she may try to push your buttons. Refrain from this nut.

FEEDBACK: A voluntary OPINION! You both may decide to leave fb or not. There is no such thing as a sniped fb. Although it is off your board after 90 days, it can be retrieved well past that through the site map. Negative feedback should only be reserved for really negative experiences. This is a bad experience, but not the WORST. I am not telling you to not leave fb, I'm just advising you of the reality of it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance. magical*memoirs

Once again, here is the SNP link:

Good luck!

Thank you for all your comments and thank you magical moments for your link - I think I will return all the stuff and money and get my money back - if any of you are interested to block her - hatbuyer - please go ahead -

I know most sellers are great - I just got so upset; that I said that - and after that funny movie ......well I am ok now Smile (right ninth?? LOL)
Hey guys - so I try to return the items and ask politely please send me your address as I want to return the items to - have a good day

and this is what the woman says
"You may keep the items. I have refunded your money already. Why do you continue to argue? You are determined to initiate and continue conflict. Please stop! Try to be a peaceful human being.

what am I going to do with this idiot??
just file a paypal dispute? are never going to get anywhere with this seller, she's just too argumentative. I would stop communication right now before she reports you for harassing emails (not that you are harassing her, but it seems like something she might do.)

So here's the thing...since she already refunded your money (all of it?) and is letting you keep the stuff, there's no way you can force her to do anything else. If she refunded all your money including shipping, there's no point in filing a PP claim. Just let it go and find a better seller.

And BTW, don't leave any FB at all, who knows what you'll get in return.
So it's totally your call...either you can file a PP dispute if 10 or more days have passed (left column in 'my ebay' click on dispute console, they'll bump you over to paypal)
Or you can pick your battles and just let it go. Is it worth getting a possible neg over? Ebay IS looking at FB now for sellers, not only negs but neutrals as well and pretty soon probably the star ratings (if not already). They have already limited the listings of numerous sellers because of FB. It's not fair to the smaller sellers but that's the way it is.
I know you're probably more upset with this seller's reaction to your situation, rather than the descrepancies in the items themselves, but it's something to think about.
Good luck Smile

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