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I have got some problems about auctiva commerce.The first problem is my password always let me feel down when i login it.When i define a password,i can not log in my store for second,so i have to define it again.Again and again.I will be broken.And the second problem is i don not know how to add my logo.I have look introduction.But there is no response.Can you tell me why?
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Hi leo lee,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing. I am not aware of any current technical issues that would explain the login problem you have described so, if you are still encountering that behavior, I recommend contacting the Auctiva Commerce Support Support team for assistance.

For additional information on how to add a logo to your Auctiva Commerce store, I recommend reviewing the following article on the Auctiva Commerce Help page:

You can request help with your Auctiva Commerce store at any time by scrolling down to the “Help” section of your Auctiva Commerce dashboard and selecting the desired option.

For future reference, we also have a separate forum for the Auctiva Commerce product. If you would like to start any other discussions regarding Auctiva Commerce, please do so in the appropriate section here:


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