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hi bidder won buy it now - paid - and then states he didnt read and now wants the money back

then I say ok if you give me 4.50 I will do so to compensate my time and fees - then he "The UK and US versions are different, the difference in the U.K. product vs. the U.S. product is a molecular variation due to FDA regulations... If you refuse, I will dispute the charge on my cc (as the merchandise is not as adv.) report you to Ebay, the VA States Attorney and the FTC. Thank you.

then I state I did not mislead about any thing and just because he didnt read my TOS is not my problem and it is a legally binding contract

then he says "I know, I am an attorney. From your title, I thought it was XXXX which distinguished your ad from others. ( i put the other name for the same product too as it is what all sellers put and it is regarded as same by manufacturer) According to the ebay rules Sellers are not permitted to create titles for their listings that do not accurately describe the item for sale (see Misleading Titles -- yours fits right in as misleading).
Since you listed both in the title, this implies (according to ebay) that you are selling 11111 and xxxx and send me both you are in compliance with ebay rules. I expect to receive 1111 AND xxxxx in the next few days. AND because you were so nice, I will also call major university to confirm that it is OK to use accounts for ebay selling (I am an alumna of same major univerity). Please feel free to keep my emails as they document your misrepresentation.

my husband currently works at major university - so I am not sure whether this is ok - BUT all this for just $33.99?

Finally my husband got annoyed with idiot buyer and refunded all the money - I AM PISSED OFF AS I FEEL HE GAVE IN to stupid idiot who used attorney - he say's he doesnt care but refuses to have a wacko emailing back and forth for 33.99 - if it is 3399.99 he would not mind it - SO JUST VENTING MY ANGER ADN annoyance!

oh buy the way ebay id of idiot is coolshopper21 - so unless you want a serial penpal and a wacko attorney add this GIT (courtsey of HP 7] to your BBL!
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Hi, I do not care who they are in the world, I will treat all with firm respect and if they mess around I know my rights and will close down the transcaction within the requirements of eBay and PayPal

How do you know they are Mr or Mrs big, they probably bought the official statement off of another eBayer just to allow them to buy on approval. Mad

This is another reason to take great care when creating listings, forget the flash, just make it unambiguos, watertight and friendly.

(P.S. Git is not usually used in polite company and is often pre-fixed with 'old' because as one gets older you get increasingly grumpy due to garbage TV repeats and PC (Politically ..) overdoses thrown from all corners of life. Wink )
Personally I would not let him get away. If he does not get some sort of chastising from Ebay at the least,he may feel he can keep doing this to other people.People like that need to be dealt with before they cause more problems. Again just my opinion but I am a hard--s. I recently bought some "GOLD JEWELRY" off a woman on Ebay that was only a gold clasp on a crap chain. I paid under $40 but so far have probably 30 emails in getting my money back. Nothing like unscrupulous sellers and lousy bidders. Maybe your buyer and my seller should do some business together! Big Grin
yesterday I went to relist some items and find ebay has blocked my account so I can t list any - turns out idiot buyer has complained to ebay ( what has he to complain for ? I already returned my money - and was not even going to bother filing NPB ) - so I collected all his damn emails and filed a harrasment report - today my account is MIRACULOUSLY unblocked! - HE DIDNT READ THE AUCTION And is trying to mess with me?

waiting to file NPB now!

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