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This is being debated on one of the boards. Would someone answer it please?

1. If I ADD the scrolling window will it update & be added to my existing listings??

2. If I DELETE the scrolling window will it update and be deleted from my existing listings?

Thank you!
YES!! I am leaving when the deadline is here!
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When you make changes to the window on the "Edit Scrolling Window" page and then save them you get a confirmation that reads:

Your settings were successfully updated! Text updates may not be seen in existing eBay auctions for up to 2 hours, other changes will not affect existing auctions.

I believe the presence or absence of the gallery on a listing is hard-coded in the html and the only way to add or remove it after it has been posted to eBay would be to edit the html on eBay directly.
bdubble is correct about the gallery being part of the ebay listing once posted. Changing the gallery settings for your account will only affect any new listings posted after the change.

If you want the scrolling window added to existing listings you can file a support case and they will be happy to assist you with that.

Removing the store windows is a little tricker and requires that you revise the listings on ebay directly. It is not possible for support to automate this but if you need guidance feel free to contact them and they can help you out.

Hope this helps!

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