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Why is advertising showing up in my live eBay images on Auctiva's image hosting site? I was checking one of my listings moments ago and discovered my auction photos are now sandwiched between advertising panels (see photo attached). I don't approve and am furious about this; when was this sneaky garbage begun and why weren't sellers notified? TO me, this is a deal-breaker as I pay Auctiva each month for auction listing assistance and image hosting, which, to my knowledge, does NOT include your piggybacking on my pictures for a few extra bucks, not to mention irritating my buyers. An explanation would be appreciated along with the option to remove the ads.
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Hello Kingofging,

We implemented these ads in order to offset operating costs. Other listing services have raised their fees over the years, but we have not. And we didn't want to start now. We know you work hard for your money, and we want you to keep as much of it as possible. So, instead of raising fees to increase our revenue, we opted to add these ads. Unfortunately at this time, there is not an option to disable the ads on this page.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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I'm getting ads for a competitor on my enlarged photos!

You can offset operating costs, but now I AM PAYING for my competition to be seen on my listings!!!!

You need either have a service level where this does not happen or take another 50 cents a month or whatever you make from this. I can't be advertising for my competitors.

Right now I'm starting to look into alternatives for auctiva.
There is no excuse for this. I am getting ads also for what I am currently looking up, so that means that a customer that is searching for compression socks then looks at my images for compression socks the customer will see adds for, you guest it, compression socks. It is official, auctiva might be costing people sales by using their service now. They can't keep the enlarged images, and the templates are nothing better than any free template on a google search, and now they are showing competitor ads against their auctiva's own customers. This is out of hand. I was around back when they were trying to get people to pay per month and per item in 2009 and it was a mass excidus from auctiva. Almost over night hundreds of people switched to any other listing service they could find or like me, went back to ebay itself. I feel like it is starting to happen all over again.
Hello All -

Please be aware that the previous supersize images capacity opened the supersize images in a new window, which would now violate eBay's links policy, so we have another solution to the supersize images in the works that will deliver these larger views of images directly on the listing pages themselves from your listing template. The other exciting news about this is that there will be no ads shown with supersize images once this rolls out!

Currently, the work is being done for this new feature and there are no supersize links, but we expect to have more news about this coming soon!

- Craig

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