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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Ahoy Matey!

I see your as handsome as ever CB.

Bout've been out to sea for a long time.

How's the home front?


Making money?

Glad to see your alright, Like my new avatar?

Peace dude,

Zounds, ye comely little wench! The sight of yer crooked smile could keep a ship in port indefinitely. Definitely!

Tis been the season for sailin', not sellin', so I been mostly playin' with me dinghy, you know?

But it's getting to be stormy season, so I'm a putting back into the 'bay and plan to be doing it with Auctiva again. The boys seems to be doing a good job of staying afloat, though I never could see how. Arr, me hat's off to 'em, though. Hope they keep it up.

So I thought I'd sail through the lounge an' see what ol' pirates me an' Sid and Harrrrrvey could scare up.

Yer still a fine looking lass, I see!

Well, I gotta sail. Keep yer powder dry!


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