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Me too-Its frustrating when there is a problem and you spend a half hour trying to fix the problem, thinking its you, and it turns out to be auctiva. I am seriously thinking of going back to try ebay listing service again.
Originally posted by itsjustme:
Auctiva started sticking in the last fifteen minutes or more and now I get the dreaded error message
Hi Community,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention.

We are aware of the current technical difficulties which are causing this errors and our technical team is working to resolve them as soon as possible.

I will keep you posted through this thread as additional information becomes available. We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing!

It is happening again today.
Templates have gone from listings I am trying to revamp & re-list. Item specifics are disappearing as well as previous Categories.
I was re-doing them but now I am just getting the ERROR MESSAGE.

PS...I enjoy using Auctiva and always find them responsive to problems so I am not worried. I will just try again later.
every listing that I edit in my saved listings in missing the templates and here is the message:
We apologize for the inconvenience. An error occurred while attempting to process your request. Please retry your request again. If you continue to receive this error, please contact technical support referencing ID# aac91027-42c6-4fce-85b6-09602dcf65cf. Thank you.

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