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I am trying to add a token and I keep getting the following

An eBay account with your eBay username already exists, but belongs to a different user. Do you have multiple Auctiva accounts?

I logged into to my eBay>Site Preferences>Third Party and disable auctivia because there was a token there already.

I don't remember the email I used, and its a shame Auctia does not allow one to see which email they used.

Anyway, I googled this and found this thread here

Mike, it would be great if you can delete my previous eBay token from your databases.

Please let me know what you can do

Thank you

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Hi OmniSeller41,

I'm sorry to hear about that you are having trouble generating an eBay token for your new Auctiva account.

Please contact our Customer Support team about this situation directly from under the "Help" tab within your account and we will be happy to work with you to get this straightened out.

Also, make sure to include your eBay username and any other email addresses you may have used for your previous account when you file your support case to ensure we are able to locate the account that is conflicting with your ability to generate a token.


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