I noticed that yesterday ebid US overtook ebid UK in the listing ranks.
At this rate they just might overtake eCarter within the next few weeks.

ebid could very well be 3rd in the ranks within the next few weeks!

WOW I am excited and I bet feebay is a bit nervous.
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I just signed up and posted an item that E-BetrAY would not allow me to post, a historical photograph.

Setting up and account was pretty much painless - I will let you know what I think in two weeks!

With Ebay dong what your bank does, nickel and diming you to death on fees, an alternative is welcome!
I found a real good way to use ebay to promote my new ebid store.

I am using a domain name as my ebid user ID and Store name.
BTW ebay dose not allow the use of domain names as a user id but it is OK at ebid.

I setup small auctions at ebay for exposure and in these auctions I am providing my contact email "Admin@mydomainname.com". Such auctions are increasing my ebid sales and are bringing many new members over to ebid.

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