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I know this has been mentioned before.. but can't locate link sorry.

Since auctiva is now offering shipping tool figure this may help others since can all be bought at one place.

Has anyone who buys auctiva insurance ever had to file a claim?? For Lost/Damaged item. If so how painful was the process.

I know what the website says (but nothing like someone's experiences to know how things really work). Figure some may have had actual live experience and can tell us a little about how it went.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
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I used Auctiva insurance when I sold on eBay (which is over 2 years ago, now). Anyhow, I did have 1 claim and it was handled quick and painless. Plus the customer didn't have to do anything other than to tell me what the damage was. I refunded the customer and I was reimbursed quickly. It is so unlike USPS. Granted that was probably 3 years ago, but thought I'd let you know anyhow.
I was wondering about this too...I have never had to file a claim, but was wondering what the procedure is, like a step by step easy to read guide.
I have an International buyer who has not received her package yet and I do have it insured through Auctiva's U-Pic program.

I was wanting to send the buyer a note assuring her that her package is insured and I would like to state in the email I send what the procedure would be if I end up having to make a claim.

I asked on another board about this and this was the response someone gave me , but I cannot make that claim as I do not know the procedure on how U-Pic does things:
"I am so sorry your item has not been received! Please be assured that you item is insured and you WILL be refunded on the 5th week of non receipt. If you have not received your item on the 5th week, I'll open a case, and send you a link to fill out my insurance form. After that form has been filled out, I will immediately refund your original purchase price and original shipping. My insurance will not let me open a case until the 5th week. I'll keep checking in with you weekly. Best Regards, "
This person uses Ship Saver and said they have a handy link to send the buyer to fill out the form. Is this how U'Pic works?
Hi Community,

I have not file insurance claims with U-Pic personally but we have been doing business with them for many years and I have only received very few complaints about the claims process. The only complaints I have handled have been easily cleared up by putting the sellers in touch with the U-Pic Claims department to confirm what else was necessary to process the claims in question.

If an item covered by an Auctiva shipping insurance policy is lost or damaged during shipment, the first thing you would need to do is have your buyer fill out the Buyer Affadavit and Fraud Prevention forms (which can be emailed from the View Insurance page) and send them back to you.

Once you have received these forms from your buyer, you would then send them to U-Pic along with the Claim Form and supporting documents using the instructions on the View Insurance page. Once all of the required documents are received and the claim is approved, you should typically receive your reimbursement check within about 10 days.

In the event that a buyer receives a refund based on a Paypal dispute and is unwilling to participate in the claims process, U-Pic will likely accept the Paypal dispute documentation in lieu of the regular buyer documentation. If such a circumstance were to arise, I recommend contacting U-Pic directly for the specifics on how to proceed using the information on the following page of their site:

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions on this topic, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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