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I remember from my old Sparedollar days (and before I lived in Florida myself!) that some people there prepared a small jpg or gif image that you could put on your auctions and eBay store to warn people that you were in a hurricane/storm path and that buyers should be patient because you might be out of touch for a few days.

Does anyone have such a beastie that those of us that might need it would be able to use?

Sooner the better, lol. The very center of the projected path of Alberto is right over my head.

Thanks in advance!
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Sorry..I'm out of town and not checking on the boards for questions. Luckily I have my backup disks with me for the graphic you need.

Here ya go!

You can alter the text for the hurricane du jour. The one I have at home was altered to have no name of hurricane.. just that I'm in the path of a hurricane. I learned after the last 2 seasons not to have a name. <wink>

Take care, Donna
Originally posted by dmhcollectibles:
me too wahm -- we're under the Tropical Storm warning now Frown

ah well, the joys of Florida. Got a golf game in this morning, might be the last one for a few days so I had to do it Wink

Schools are closed tomorrow.

I'm sleeping in. I'm not too worried. I should get some wind gusts of about 35 miles per hour, maybe 40. Lots of rain though.

You're both getting seasoned to these storms.


From the land of gators, hurricanes and tourist traps,

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