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I keep getting API Error when I try to list one item and when I look to see what is causing it, it says Value for "Width" is not a valid number. sometimes and other times it says Value for "Height" is not a valid number.

I was able to list another item with similar information and so after failing four times I made a new listing from the listing that worked and I am still getting the same errors. Anyone have an idea why this is happening. Thanks in advance
Norman Sherfield
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Hi Norman,

The issue you're experiencing usually has to do with the fact that the shipping service you have selected requires package dimensions.

Currently, I believe the dimensions in the Create Listing form are in English, as in inches, so if you enter your dimensions as whole numbers, in inches, leaving out any abbreviations, or quotations, (i.e. don't put 6" X 1'), it should work.

Hope this helps!
Well I have tried to relist this a number of times now, including creating a new listing. I have flat rate shipping and did not enter any dimensions in the shipping area. The dimensions mentioned in the listing say "inches" and do not have the symbol for inches, so I am still at a loss as what width or height dimension is not valid. Swanseahammer, if you find out what is causing this, please post it here so I can put my listing up on ebay. It is such a pain when the error code information itself is so criptic and does not really tell me what is wrong. I have done error checks on the listing before listing it and it passes the error checks but it won't list.
Oh dear, you're using Flat-Rate shipping... Yeah, the dimensions are there on the listing page for Calculated, but go away as soon as you change it to Flat.

Are you using USPS Priority Mail? USPS are changing their rates next month, and eBay is getting ready for the upcoming changes by doing things a little differently, and I have a feeling this might be related. But this *should not* prevent the listing from posting. Have you checked on eBay to see whether the listing had posted or not? If not, then we have a problem on our end that we'll need to address.
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I have not indicated priority mail, simply flat rate and the listing is not showing up on ebay. I listed one very similar to this the same day and it went through just fine. I tried copying that one and puting in new description and it still did not work. I get the same api error, sometimes it says height is not valid and sometimes it says width is not valid. I just cannot figure out what it wants changed?
OK, I may have figured this out. In my "Item Specifics" I had listed the dimensions as 11 3/4 for the width and 17 1/2 for the height and apparently it does not like fractions. Somewhere they should tell you that. Anyway, when I changed them to 11.75 and 17.50, it still seemed to give me an API error so I tried again at 12 and 17 and it worked but then I ended up with two listings as it worked with the decimal points as well as plain numbers so it would appear you just can't put fractions in the "Item Specifics" information. Hope that helps others.

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