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I'm posting this directly to you because I saw your response in another thread regarding the lack of a bulk-edit tool for templates in Active Ebay listings and I wanted to beg for this tool or at least go on record signing up in support for this tool.

PLEASE have Auctiva make it a priority to create this bulk-revise templates on Active listings tool. Here's my situation: JennarationX (Jenna & Gregory are the designers) custom designed my Ebay storefront and listing template some number of years ago. But they've left me high and dry and won't offer support now. I have limited knowledge in how to clean up the mess my listings have become since their templates in my listings are not active content compliant. So now I have literally thousands of active listings on Ebay where their template design pieces for my custom store show up as awful looking grayed-out Photobucket boxes telling me to upgrade my hosting with Photobucket to an account that can manage Ebay's active content. Jenna won't answer my calls or emails and they are apparently no longer offering support of their design services to their former customers.'s not MY photobucket account it's hers where my store design elements are housed so I can't even go to photobucket to delete her custom design work from my listings.

So.. you can see how I'm stuck? ..I have over 4000 active listings.. most of which are attached to her custom design work for my store. To go in to Auctiva and find over 4000 listings in my saved folder and one by one copy HTML code (which I'm VERY unfamilair with how to do..which is why I hired a designer in the first place) and then take that code one by one over to Ebay and search out that 1 listing and change each of my templates that way.. well.. you can understand why I'm so overwhelmed by this. ...PLEASE....PLEASE! design a tool that I can bulk edit my active listings from my Auctiva account and let me revise all my active templates at one time. PLEASE!! I am pretty much stuck with these horrible listings until such a tool is designed. And it is impacting my sales as customers just will not scroll through such a mess as my listings are right now. Done with the tears.. done with the anger.. ...just hoping Auctiva can save the day.
Here's a link for how my listings look...and there are thousands of them just like this:
Thank You.
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Hello reminiscent_vintage -

I'm sorry to hear about your situation and the difficulty that it represents.

We are aware of this type of issue regarding templates and the potential you have described, and we are looking into ways to provide such a tool to change templates on active listings while keeping the listing data intact. I have gone ahead and added your request to the review information for this potential tool and I will update this thread should any new information regarding such a tool become available.

- Craig
I'm also sorry your template designer is not helping you out. We have some new features in Auctiva that will allow to bulk apply a template to saved listings. In the saved listing page, you can select up to 250 listings by settings the "Items/Page" dropdown in the upper right to 250, then click the checkbox next to the post button on the left. Once the listings you want to update are selected (I'd start with a couple just to make sure you like the new template you selected), click the "Advanced Edit" button and in the dialog window select "Listing Template" for the field. At this point click the "Select Template" box and select one of the new active-content free, mobile-responsive templates and continue.

Once you complete this, you can bulk repost the listing it will have the updated template, removing all of the horrible listings that other designer left you with.
Craig & Greg,
Thank you so much for your responses. I will no longer use outside designer store/template's just not worth the risk of not being supported when issues arise. I've been with Auctiva for many years and I appreciate the response you offer when there are problems. ..Sooo.. if I can get this resolved with my 4000+ listings, I should be good to go. Besides, I like the new templates and they should work just fine.

I always create my listings at Auctiva but relist them directly from/in Ebay. It sounds like from the work-around that Greg just proposed I would need to let my active listings end (or end them) and then bulk edit my saved listings from within Auctiva and then re-launch them from Auctiva. ...Did I get that right?

Thank you again. I have to figure this out and hopefully this will work until you get a bulk listing tool ready for us that will switch out templates in bulk for live/active Ebay listings. ...Thank You.. wish me luck. :~>

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