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I am increasing the number of eBay listings and need help keeping up managing my listings, PapPal & eBay fees, final sales and (What ever I haven't thought about yet). I have seen that some of this software links to Quickbooks Pro. I really could use some help before my fingers drop off from using the Excel spreadsheet I designed.
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I used to use Shooting Star and I really liked it. It was a one time fee to use the software but they said due to ebay changes they were going to start charging a subscription rate and I stopped using it.

It really is a great program but I'm not a large volume seller so I didn't think it was cost effective for me.

Now I use a simple spreadsheet and it works fine. If you know how to make your own then great, if not htere are plenty of sellers who offer them all set up for about $10-20.

I'm looking forward to having some of these features offered here on Auctiva Wink
Originally posted by aumaker:
I don't know how to get the information transferred to my Excel spreadsheet..With mine, I have to fill in all the fields including the item number...what a nightmare


If you lay it out the same as it's on ebay - just do a copy and paste!
I do that with the whole group of new ads daily. All in one scoop!

So few people ask these questions, assuming that agreeing to a demo means they're interested in the product, which isn't always the case.

So, without going into too much detail, look at how you're qualifying your prospects. If you're confident this is working, focus on your demo agenda. Work with the prospect to create the agenda and specify your goals as well as soliciting theirs. One of your agenda items should state "procurement process." Make it clear to the prospect that you're there to get business; it's better if they flag they're not ready to buy before you commit time and resources.

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