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So this is the first time using Auctiva for my auction listings and I have run into a problem.

It seems as though I have an API error (whatever that may be) and Auctiva suggests that it is the use of Javascript applications of some sort.

Now, I have added the PayPal logo html and have added some additional codes for <breaks>. But most importantly, this is my first time attempting to add CNET flash widget.

I assume this is the culprit and if it is then I don't mind listin without it. However, i'd like to see if anyone knows why widgets do not work on ebay or aren't allowed? I mean, i've seen many sellers' pages with video clips of some sort, no?

If anyone can help, i'd be greatful.

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Hi Suzy - Auctiva (and any 3rd party) interacts with eBay via an Application Programming Interface (API), so when you get an API error, it just means that the transaction failed - this will invariably be because eBay has rejected the transaction because one of their policies or requirements has either been violated or not fulfilled.

In this case, I think eBay's listing rules specifically state Java cannot be used, so you have probably identified the culprit. Try taking it out and trying again. If it goes through, then try revising the listing direct on eBay and see if you can get it back in.

As for the videos you have seen, there are certain allowable videos that can be added, as long as eBay's rules are followed - these are available in their help section.

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