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OK, so now I'm beyond confused. If I list my Ebay Store items and Auction items through Auctiva, it's free, except for the Ebay listing fee? If I use Auctiva, then the Ebay listing fee is higher? And if I use Auciva, is the Ebay Final Value fee higher?
But my biggest problem is getting set up. I have tried 3 times for an EBay token and Auctiva keeps telling me I don't have one.
NOW, does my Auctive store name and EBay store name have to be different? I've been unsuccessful twice to set up they tell me there is already an account with the name I've chosen.....whew! This is too much!
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This sounds a lot like my confusion! And I can't get the tutorial to work, either. I did "store" a listing, as I'm getting ready to go on vacation. But it seems that I have to go to the website in order to use Auctiva - is that correct? I'm used to using TurboLister from a shortcut on my desktop....any suggestions welcome! Robert

First set up your account settings. GO through each link under "my Settings". There is one called "eBay Settings". In there you can import your store categories.

Next... Set up your profiles.

Next set up your image directories.

Then do a sample listing.

As to fee's, no nothing is higher. Auctiva is free to use. eBay fee's will remain the same as they were.

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