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That's a good question. I'm on eBid, too. If we could use Auctiva for eBid and eBay, that would be brill. eBid has similar features as eBay but the layout of the site is different. eBid has buddy points and you can leave negative feedback for sellers and buyers. The final Value Fees seem to be very good. For selling 6 items it was £0.12 If you pay to become a seller or seller+ you can open 5 shops, don't pay any listing fees and for 24 hours you have the chance to become a seller+ for £47.50 instead of 74.99. A live time no listing fees and all the other seller+ features free. That's darn brill.

Paid plans start at £1.99 for 7 days. 6.99 for a month and so on.

You have to get a paid plan to use buy now. The bidding system is for every one.
Hi- all this was previously discussed I believe it was announced in mid 2009 (but not 100% sure of that and for some reason can't find an "ANNOUNCEMENT" board (there may not even be one) to check that as it drives me crazy to give out date I am not sure of. Anyway seems it was for introduction early 2010. Waited and waited , was not to be died in JULY after many threads on this and being "strung along" for months. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see it back on the table. Obviously everyone would like to see this and everyone has their opinion on sites, but feel most would just be glad to get it on any other site as that would be a start, as in this business TIME IS $$$$$$$$$$. Frankly, i don't care which site, as I will jump to whatever it is probably just for ease of coordinating in one place.

Here is a thread on previous discussions on this. (which frankly irritates me the way this was strung along for so long). The link that is noted in inside the post has been closed so clicking that will not get you to other thread on this. At time several were going.

Hope this answers your question for the present time and would SURE LOVE if auctiva would let us know if this is in the cards as I notice it is still in the "FEATURE CENTER" (SUGGESTION CENTER) if anyone does not know there is a feature center for suggestions. This has been for awhile.

Auctiva????? Any chance of this rising again (when you mentioned summer something good coming.. of course, this is FIRST thing that came to mind!!! (mine anyway). Smile
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