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Hello, I'm new to Auctiva, I noticed that all my listings have the auctiva showcase on the bottom of my listings.. I just listed another item to sell on ebay in my store, and that listing does not have the scrolling showcase on my listing? Why is that? Do I have to enable anything to do that? Or does it take a while to take effect? All my other listings have it, except my new listing..
Thank you
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Hi Tina,

Did you happen to list this item directly through eBay? When an item is listed directly through eBay, it typically takes 6-8 hours for it to be imported into your Auctiva account, and be appended with the store window.

When an item is listed through Auctiva, it should contain the store window as soon as it is listed. If this particualar item was listed through your Auctiva account, I recommned filing a support request regarding this issue using the appropriate link on our help page:

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