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Hi Community,

I just ordered a 12 week old Pomeranian puppy that will sefve as my girlfriend's college graduation present. We're both looking forward to his arrival next Saturday.

I hope all the other dog lovers wish us luck. I've raised couple puppies with my mother, a Shar Pei and a Golden Retriever...but, this will be the first puppy I, along with my girlfriend, will raise.

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LOOK at the little ball of fur!

My son helped his g/friend buy a puppy of that breed last spring.

He learned real fast that puppy is definitely different than what we're used to...bassett hounds. They excitable 'pee-ers.' Little droplets everywhere. <smile> They're also quite a bit more hmmmmmmmmmmmm bouncy than our bassetts. But they are easier to train and not as stubborn as a bassett hound.

You're girlfriend is gonna kiss the heck out you Mike! <smile> SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!

You did good!
Congrats to your girlfriend on her graduation.

What a cutie! Last summer we had a pom/small shepard mix (Not sure what type of shepard the dad was but he was only 20lbs!... mom was a purepred pom.) She was a GREAT dog for the few months we had her. We lived on a private street with just 2 other houses. I could let her outside and she would just sit there and watch what was going on. She never once ran off (we had her from 6wk until 4mo). We gave her away to a great family once school started my kids just didnt have the time she deserved,it broke my heart Frown Steph
Here's Barney.
We rescued him from Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue last year.
I lost my first bassett, Bo last February to cancer and it was really hard. I'd had him a long time and he was my compadre. I still miss him.

Barney is so full of life! He wasn't supposed to be on the couch..but it was shortly after we got him at four months. I didn't have the heart to reprimand him, now he's just rotten!

Animals bring such joy to a household.
May the potty training be with you!

Hi Donna,

Awww...he looks so comfortable in that picture. We're definitely looking forward to potty training...haha ...that means the pup will have arrived=)

All I'm going to be able to think about until Saturday is the pup that's on his way and, after we receive him, I'll probably only think of him more.

I agree...animals are a great addition to a household(I've never met a person, including my girlfreind, that's ALWAYS happy to see me)...I can't wait=)

Oh wow, what a CUTIE! A little powder puff of love and joy. Your girlfriend is going to flip out, she'll love him. Of course, major brownie points for you. Wink, wink. Smile

Not to be negative, I just want to make you aware of a few things regarding this breed. Being a very small dog, this breed tends to live a long time. Which is great! Just make sure, this adorable pup is exposed to children (under adult supervision) so neither pup or child is hurt. This will help this lil' cutie from becoming a nipper. This breed can be biters if not exposed to not only children but many different people. They tend to choose one (maybe two) people and can become wary of anyone else.

Also, they like to chew things, which isn't unusual for puppies. However this breed for whatever reason likes to chew cords. My neighbor had a little pom, it crawled under his bed where he had an extention cord, the cord had come loose and, yes he chewed it. Unfortunately, his pom was killed. So, I wanted to pass this info along to possibly prevent a simular situation.

This is a fun-loving, high octane breed who love to play, play and did I mention play!

Don't forget to take pics of your girlfriend receiving her new buddy. They should be good ones.
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