Ended multiple items yesterday and still not imported to closed listings??
21 Hours and counting..
Extremely hard to relist when Auctiva's tech team and customer support are sleeping..
------- is definately looking pretty good again..
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Hi kariskollectables,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. I just reviewed the problem you reported and was able to determine that your Closed Listings page had not updated properly to reflect your recently ended items because we were equipped to receive a certain notification from eBay for your account which our system depends on to recognize when items have ended in a timely fashion.

I have just corrected the problem with that notification and, as a result, I do not expect you to encounter this problem again next time that you have a batch of listings end on eBay.

I have also been able to reconcile the data in your Auctiva account with your current eBay listing data manually so you should be able to find all of these recently closed listings on your Closed Listings page within Auctiva now and relist them from there.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. If you notice any remaining problems of this nature, please write back to us through the support case you opened on this topic and we will be happy to continue working with you.


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