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I swear every "improvement" with notifications is a step backwards.  Today's changes mean when a listing is submitted you no longer get sent to a page with the eBay item listing number sitting on the page in a form that can be easily copied for recordkeeping in a spreadsheet or printed on a label associated with the physical item being offered for sale. Now one gets directed to the Saved listings page and then it's another couple of clicks to get to Active Listings where the item number can be found.  Why not redirect to the Active Listings page when listing is completed and submitted? Then at least we could harvest the item listing number quickly.

Seriously, does Auctiva ever actually survey users about how they use the listing form? I've over 12,000 active listings & the addition of yet more steps or hiding of item numbers quickly adds up in lost time & hence productivity. Frustrated.

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Hi EB,

Thank you for sharing your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear about the inconveniences this change is causing you.  I understand you used the eBay listing number as a way to keep a record of the item.  As you noted in your comment, you can still navigate to the Active Listings page and copy the listing number from there.  However, if you'd like to bypass that step, I'd suggest adding a unique Stock Keeping Unit value to your listing which you could use for record keeping. 

When creating a new listing in Auctiva, you can add a unique SKU value into the SKU field, located just below the title section of the 1 Page Lister.  This SKU value can be any combination of letters and numbers that you define. 

Then, once you post the listing to eBay, you'll see the SKU value reflected on the Auctiva Active Listings page, as well as the eBay Listings page.

Additionally the SKU is also reflected on the Auctiva Sales page, and you can also search by SKU on the eBay Orders page. 

Again, I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this change has caused you, but I do appreciate the feedback you've shared.   I hope that using the SKU field can help your record keeping process, but please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback. 

Kindest regards,





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  • SKU field on the 1 Page Lister
  • SKU value is reflected on the Active Listings page
  • SKU value is reflected on the eBay Listing page
  • SKU value is reflected on the eBay Sales page

Hi everyone,

I wanted to follow up here and let you all know that today we released a solution for this!

As you're probably already aware, after posting a listing to eBay from the 1 Page Lister you'll receive a blue notification, in the top right corner of your monitor/device, letting you know "your listing is being submitted to eBay". Here's what's new.  After we get the response back from eBay, you'll receive another notification letting you know it posted successfully and it will also include the Listing ID number as well as a link to the eBay listing

I'd like to thank everyone for voicing their feedback and the importance the listing ID provided.  Additionally, I'd like to thank you all for your patience while we implemented this solution. Please let me know if you have any more feedback or questions about this.


Happy selling!


This response to the problem turns out not to be working satisfactorily.  The popup containing the listing number appears very temporarily so that before I can copy & paste it, the number disappears.  Having wasted time trying to do this on a number of different listing sessions, I've had to revert to cutting & pasting from the active listings page.  So, nothing improved.

Auctiva used to be an easy & fast listing tool. Progressively it's lost some of its edge over other listing alternatives.

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