Auctiva is hosting it's new "How to List" class and I am looking for anyone interested to view and participate. This tutorial will walk you through creating a listing on Auctiva's online lister and will help those new to Auctiva get a jump start.

To participate, please view our schedule at http://auctiva.webex.com and feel free to attend any of the scheduled courses. Keep in mind, we will also be adding more courses as time goes on.

This is a great chance for anyone who has signed up but not yet posted to get a quick demo.

You'll take your computer to a web link we give you and you'll be able to watch our screen while listenting to us on the phone call, as well as interact. It's a toll free number as well.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support
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Just wondering if there is an archive area that i can go to get a missed Live Auctiva Class? Because i'm not always around the computer when you have them live.
Hi lohman13f7,

Unfortunately there's no such archive available. I'm emailing you a transcript of the class though...it has everything I go over except for the attendee Q & A.

Hi Mike, Could you also email me a copy of the live class transcript? email to: eventconnections REPLACE aol.com

Thank you...

[edited by Tom T: replace replace with @ - spammers srape addresses from sites like ours, so unless you want to get a boat of spame it's best to do something like this]
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Hi Lisa,

For some reason it got returned from your email address that you posted above so I sent it again to both that one and the address you have on file with us. Hopefully you get one! Please let me know if you still don't recieve it.

Got it...twice, in fact. I guess they both came through at the same time. Thanks for your help. I really look forward to the class on creating and using profiles.
Hi everyone,

The last "How to Create a Listing" class before the holidays is on Friday, 12/23 @ 11:15 AM PST.
After that, the noormal class schedule will resume Tuesday, January 3rd.


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