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Dear Auctiva,
I adore Smile your software and staff; I immensely dislike Mad the instability of your service. light. light. This is like driving through our downtown area that has a traffic light at every intersection! I fully understand the need to upgrade hard & software, the pitfalls of supply and demand on your servers, and the limitations of being a free service. However, the cookie-cutter responses I keep reading regarding the instability of your service just aren't informative enough to help me HELP YOU through this period of difficulty. Should I use an alternate means of listing to keep the load off your servers and save me MUCH frustration? I was laid off from my job of 10 years and selling on eBay helps keep food on the table and a roof over my family's heads. Over the past few days I've lost innumerable listings when I hit "save" or "post" and had to do them all over again, only to find they did NOT post to eBay. Would one of the gurus at Auctiva please let users know:
  • When do you anticipate all major upgrades, dBase back-ups and switches, and any other known service-affecting changes be done? I'm not talking routine maintenance - just the big stuff. Confused
  • Are you giving any thought to charging users of your service to better improve stability? I would be MORE than happy to pay for your services; as I said, the software and options are fantastic. Razz
  • Is there anything that I, as a user, can do to help speed the process? Can qualified users volunteer to help with coding or programming or whatever other technical stuff that needs attention?
    Don't beat me up everyone, I know Auctiva is free, I know I could use other options. I WANT to use Auctiva.
    I would appreciate any response you could provide. Until then, I'm off to recreate another listing I lost. Razz
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I agree completely. I also use Ebay as a means of support. I have had numerous surgeries and can't work a physical job at the moment. It drives me crazy to work so hard on a listing and then be told server is down, etc. If I was a programmer I would offer my services, too. But alas, I am not. But would be willing to do most anything to keep using this site. It is AWESOME. I love it. But man it can drive a person to the corner going blub, blub, blub Eek
At 10:30 p.m., Friday, California time, Auctiva went down again as I was posting to eBay. It's becoming a gargantuan headache as users are given no reliable estimate of when or for how long the site will be down. Last night, my Auctiva store with 55 items showed no items available. I'd like to think the operators in Chico are professionals, but sadly they aren't.
Another one has just started! Right in the middle of posting.

"Our database is currently undergoing maintenance and upgrades. If a portion of the site is not responding please come back in a few minutes and try again. Most maintenance is completed within two hours. Thank you.'

Think I'll give it a little longer than a few minutes before I try again.
Here's the notice that appears on my screen:

We are currently updating our website and database to add new features and fix bugs. This process takes approximately 6 hours every Thursday night starting around 10:30PM PST(-8 GMT). Thank you for your patience.

So you can see that Auctiva's operators lack the simple decency to provide meaningful information when they take the site down; instead, they post the standard Thursday night notice on Friday night. This condescending behavior is inexcusable. Auctiva uses our postings to generate revenue from services that are not free. In return, simple decency in giving users reasonable advance notice of down time would seem indicated.

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