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Any chance of this happening soon? I'm more than ready to move quite a bit of my stuff off Ebay to an independent web site and during these slow summer months would be the perfect time.

Maybe if we all pile on Auctiva we can get this to happen.

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We should have a beta version in the next few months. If I give a date we'd probably just miss it. But hopefully before it starts getting cold outside, lol.

The features are nearly complete and we're working on integrating well with the Auctiva site and our inventory feature. As well as making sure it's easy to use for beginners but the experts can still find the power features. And things like tutorials and templates.

Well, it time to start getting ready for Christmas right now!
Ya I really wanted it to be ready by mid July, at least a beta, but as usual with software it always takes longer than you'd think. I'm pretty confident though about a beta later this year and the features we have are way beyond what I originally imagined we might have. When it does come out it's going to be a lot more feature rich than I was originally thinking we'd have for a July release.
Eek Jeff, Jeff, Where are you? We need a place to go! I know you all have brainstormed it. Be-Tray gave the blueprint. I have got to believe it's in the works! What good is it to stay with a sinking ship? Their stock is way down, sellers have left and will continue to leave in droves and if they are who you're all in with, then shame on you! There have got to be better business heads at Auctiva than that! What's the old adage, don't throw all your eggs in one basket. You'll need a lifeline soon as you don't support off Be-Tray sites either. Argh! If you don't need a lifeline yet, we do!

I'm through grumbling!

One thing I can't grumble about is Bonanzle!

Awesome site! Growing like crazy! Loads of Fun and extremely easy!

If that can happen for an upstart, just think what would happen if you ventured into it. With your base of seller's that have customers...Quit Teasing Us! Just say yep or nope! If yep, give us a crumb on a more consistent basis. We're waiting with bated breath!

Oh, this was a bump and a bit of letting off steam. Don't pounce on me too hard! Smile
Make sure you are using our inventory feature. The easiest way to get your items into the new site is by having inventory going. Without that we don't have a good way of knowing if you have 1 or 1000 of an item. And if you only have 1 you're probably going to be selling that on eBay because they have the most buyers.

Hi Jeff,
I was wondering if this new off-ebay store will sync inventory with ebay so as not to sell more then what you have.
For example say i have only one copy of Amazing Spidr-Man #1 and have it listed on your new off-ebay store and on ebay as well. If i sell it from your store will it sync with ebay and remove it. Or if i sell it on ebay will it sync with your off-ebay store and remove it.

Also will it import your ebay listings to the new store and/or export store items to ebay.

Thanks Ray
How do we get to participate?..will this work if we have individual unique items instead of dozens of the same thing?...I have been watching the progress of this and the last message said November 11 would be the potential start date..are some members already using?..can we take a look?..lots of questions I know, but like many others here, I would like to have another site compatible with auctiva...please respond ...thank you..Alexa
Santa Baby (Jeff)put a new Auctiva Store under the tree for me..... lalalalalal

Just tried out the Beta, my new Auctiva Store is Fab.With this going live in the New Year, Auctiva Stores are going to kick feebay right out of cyber space....
All together now.. For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow and so say all of us!!!!! Thank you Jeff, you are as we say in the UK " a real diamond geezer". Brilliant.

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