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I have just noticed this problem today.
Normally, we post our listings, and when and if we need to revise them, we are unable to change anything in the "Describe the item you're selling" window within the ebay revise listing page. We are able to edit and add extra features like item specifics etc.

As of today, if we try to revise anything simple, (for example, addition of a marketing highlight) the auctiva template dissapears, leaving our unformatted listing.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
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I looked at one of your closed listings and have a tip for you. The reason you have a problem with Revise is due to having the Style Sheet at the top of your code without any protective HTML in front. eBay's editor has the unfortunate bad habit of dropping Style and Script when placed at the top without any HTML in front to act as a protective container. Style Sheets definitely do behave better when compiled early by the browser, so top is good.

May I recommend something simple like <b><!--Start of Template--></b> be place just before the Style Sheet in your template code.

Note, it's possible this has something to do with your current problem. Normally, you can't revise the description after a bid or within the last 12 hours. However, you should be able to Revise the description on a new listing (no bids). The editor will drop the unprotected code on Revise, so that made me look for this possible problem.

Hope that helps....and Cheers!

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Well, I know this code-drop problem on the US site editor is over a year old. I'm actually looking around for any reports of problems with Javascript onerror being blocked (which it's doing in the Developers Sandbox), so I'll watch for anything similar on any of the discussion boards.

If the problem repeats with an Active listing after adding this fix, don't save the revise and post back the listing number.

Ok, I am guessing it was a temporary error as it does not seem to be happening today.

Ebay had changed us to the new listing style yesterday, so I am guessing it was something to do with that.

Thanks for the help. I will stick the HTML snippet in before the style sheet anyway, just in case it happens again. Shame I didn't get to find out if it solved the problem for me though Wink

Mike @ NRG IT Ltd

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