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Before anyone has a cow about my username - My account is under rhubarb - I would use my registered username that's connected to my auctiva account "rhubarb" but I forgot the password long ago, and whenever I request it with my email address, it tells me nobody with that email address is in the database - even though that's the email address I have under "my account" details.

The problem we are having today is the feedback has been skipping people the last week or so - It will be slow in returning people's feedback, as it will take 2 days for some - and it will skip some altogether. I have people writing and complaining and asking me to manually do it -vrane is cheaper, come on please -
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sorry it didn't work out - this was the second time we tried the feedback service - first time it never worked at all - this time it worked part of the time -

I really need feedback service to be dependable . Back to Square 1 , manually running a robot. oh well.

I'm not inspired by this to try any more new services.
If your service that I pay for does not work then why should i continue paying you????????????

if this is not fixed in 2 more days as you have had 2 weeks to do so you will lose my buisiness and anyone i ever correspond with because every email i ever send will have a form letter attached saying to avoid any service autiva say's they can provide cause we all know you not providing it

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