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Hi! Please feel free to address any or all of the following questions:

In general, what do you think are the best times to start your auctions? Eg, do you schedule auctions to start on Saturday morning, Saturday night, etc? Has anybody noticed a *best* starting time/day?

When is the activity on eBay at its greatest?

What about the holidays? Are people pretty much finished shopping on eBay til after Christmas? Does anyone anticipate an "After Xmas Rush"?

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There is no one good time to list for sale. Alot depends on the item your selling and who your marketing the item towards. Certain items sell best Monday through Friday with a night time closing. Some sell best during the day when children are napping and the at home parent can shop. Or when persons are on break or lunch at work Monday through Friday. Some sales are best for closing on Sunday night...some Saturday day. It just all depends on the item.
Always do research on CLOSED/COMPLETED items to see when the items closed that had the highest bids..that way you can insure what good times are to close your items then schedule accordingly.

I hope I've helped!

By the way, I had a living room full of teens the other evening having a ball with the book I bought from you. Laughing and laughing and laughing. I knew it would be a hit! Thanks for the sale!

Ho Ho Ho,
As to listing times, I also keep in mind what time it is in other parts of the country. I live on the east coast and usually launch my auctions between 9 and 11 PM when I figure there is the most activity on ebay on the east coast and the west coast is just getting home from work. I wouldn't launch at 10PM if I lived on the west coast because the east coast is already in bed, etc. As to after Christmas sales, they are GREAT! I had my best month last January. People are looking to spend the money they got for Christmas and looking for the items they didn't get!
steph in pa

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