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All my last week's listings created and posted with Auctiva overestimates international shipping, and the options for international shipping are not showing up correctly. That has already caused me to lose a lot of overseas buyers -- and most of my BEST and HIGHEST bidders who consistently outbidded American buyers are EUROPEANS, so the bug is really hurting me. Please fix the problem ASAP.
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This one should not be more than $20 to UK or Germany (i.e., I have shipped similar item in the past, and I checked the listing to make sure I entered the weight and handling fee correctly.) I listed Airmail and Global Priority as the option. But it's showing up an insane amount for international shipping and only Airmail:

Same thing here:

The shipping for these two should not be more than $15 (with handling):

This one, the international shipping cost is not even showing up in the calculator (which is a GOOD thing, because I would rather an international bidder could not get the right amount and email me than just walked away after he had been scared away by the insane shipping cost):

Usually I have a lot of European bids, and European buyers almost always outbid American buyers because their currencies are bigger and make US dollar seems cheap. So now only US buyers are bidding on my listing because they are not competing with European buyers... oh well, I supposed they are getting a free ride for this week's auctions.

I thought it's a problem with eBay, but it's not. It's a problem with my listing software, which is Auctiva.

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