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Came home from work last night to find 2 emails one and a half hours apart one from eBay at 7:45 PM and one from Paypal at 9:03 PM. Buyer in Canada purchased a gold necklace (Actually paid less than scrap value!)She filed a dispute with PayPal that the necklace is not as described? 9K Herringbone necklace Supposedly the necklace which is a herringbone style received three kinks in it during shipping.
Buyer has now emailed me that she has gone through the USPS insurance deal before and this is why she filed with PayPal.
This was insured with Auctiva for that reason as USPS insurance is a PITA.
Any suggestions how to get this buyer to follow the insurance process through UPic or what I should do here?
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Oh geez Taz,
I don't know anything about insurance, and the stuff I sell cannot really get ruined in the mail (I don't think) Frown

I DO know if she filed a dispite only, there's still hope of somehow using the ins. (maybe ask Auctiva what to do? You prolly did that already)
But if she escalated it to a claim, or if she does, I don't think there's anything you can do. I would be positive about all this except the insurance part, so hopefully I'm not just blowing hot air.

Usually once a buyer escalates to a claim it's out of both your hands, PP will make her send it back, and you'll have to refund.

Huge bummer, sorry this happened to you. Hope someone comes along who knows more about the insurance.
I don't think that kinks in a herringbone necklace would qualify for damage in transit, even if she asked you to file a claim. I think the issue is that the buyer cannot wear the necklace because of the kinks. What I suggest is, ask the buyer to return the neckace to you, and you will refund the full purchase amount, plus the return shipping, but also, because it's out of the U.S., ask the buyer to purchase a certificate of mailing, or something like it to prove it was sent, if you do not receive it. Make your offer a matter of record by putting it in the dispute, because ebay/paypal will review your offer as a consideration in their decision. If the buyer does not return the item regarding your offer, paypal might not refund anything to the buyer. If you do get the item back, you can relist it, if you can straighten out the kinks!

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