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hi I recently sold a product to a buyer and she left neutral and this message

"Very disappointed to learn that this is the U.S. distributed version/not the UK product. I could have purchased this same product at **** for $***. Shame on me for being duped, shame on you for taking advantage and not disclosing which product you were selling over market price.This is the first time I have been taken on Ebay, I've learned a lesson. Won't happen again."

there are 100 of these products and some were going for way over mine - I am annoyed she bought it and now has buyers remorse and would like to reply BUT as biggfredd states on sd buyers are not penpals and would like a sensible retort on the neutral and not a neg on her as my HUSBAND is fired up to do so

what would U suggest?

MIND you this product IS manufactured in UK and is not available at the shop she mentioned as they are always out of stock - why is it MY FAULT when she got the product in two days and is having buyers remorse? ( I shiped out same day she paid and also she won 6/11 and recieved 6/14) I NEVER stated it is UK PRODUCT OR NOT JUST listed itemS name and put a BIN- THOUGH IT REALLY IS MANUFACTURED IN UK - I never forced her to buy it and I dont think I should put where I buy my stuff at what price?:O
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Hi oneheart - I won't advise you on what to specifically say in your followup to the neutral, except to say (1) definitely use a followup to explain your side of it, and (2) definitely keep to the moral high ground and be cool and professional in your response. Your response will be seen by other potential buyers and you don't want to leave a bad impression of how you handle problems, as I have seen some sellers do.

The same consideration needs to be taken regarding whether to leave a neg or not. Since she did not leave a neg, I don't think I would either. A neutral maybe?

Forgive me if I seem to be stating the obvious, it's just that I know how easy it is to get really fired up over a bad transaction when you have done nothing wrong.

PS - Did she contact you requesting a refund before leaving the neutral? Did you offer it? If she got a refund, then she should really have nothing to complain about.
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that is just the point! - The first I new about is when the idiot buyer left a neutral - the best part of the transaction is if she let me know before; I would have offered refund and could have sold it for higher than she paid! GRRR - I have not left any feedback as yet as I want to cool off before leaving as I have left positives when I REALLY wanted to leave negs Smile
i agree w/ NWave.. stick to the facts in your reply. respond to what she said, but stick to the facts and avoid getting your emotions involved. if you have to, think like a lawyer! Wink

have you tried emailing her? i once had a similar thing happen, got a neutral w/ no contact. i emailed them and was really nice (very hard to do! Wink ) and said i was sorry they weren't happy, and i wish they would have contacted me first to resolve the issue, as i would have refunded their money if they weren't happy. the buyer was a lil stiff at first, but eventually softened and told me they had had bad exper. in the past, and really didn't think contacting me would help (even tho i state in my auction that i accept returns! Roll Eyes ).
and of course the worse part for me was, i had already given them a positive (this changed my feedback policy completely).
anyway, they ended up returning it and added a comment that i was great and they had left the feedback hastily.
you know what they say, you catch more flies w/ honey than vinegar! Wink good luck!!

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