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I sent out a package on the 22nd of june with delivery confiramtion and insured for $399 - now the theif says didnt get it

- of course my husband sent to an unconfirmed -since he said " new ebay powerseller rules says paypal will not refund if you have tracking" and packages insured over 200 are only given only after a signature what am I going to do ??

I am of course having my husbands head on a platter for lunch - but other than that??
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delivered of course!

but the buyer says no - so I simpathized with the buyer and told not to worry ( cant call her a thief now can I?) and told her it is a federal offence to steal post especially how they can easily track it as it was above 200 and insuared how they will have the signature of the person who took it ...and how the postal service will notify law enforcement /appropriate authorities about the loss and have not heard from her again

I hope to keep it that way...hopefully they will be thinking twice about "loss" ? ...Now I am worried about CC payment - but I will go to PO and get a copy of the insurance tracking that states it was delivered and who took it
Well in this situation I do not take sides, keep it polite, then I submit the claim to the post office on behalf of the addressee. Afterall I have the proof of postage and details of the packaging.

Currently the winner/addressee of a £200 item is slogging it out with the post office. I do not think he is doing very well because as I was the claimant so the reimbursement would come back through me. And I have heard nothing but it 'has been delivered' from the PO.

I always prefer to submit the paperwork myself to stop a lazy addressee taking the easy way out and claiming from PP with the result I would have to fight them.

Regarding PP confirmed addresses I have noticed this year that very few of my buyers have PP confirmed addresses and if I did not sell to them very little would have gone for high values.

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