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Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse.

When most people think of e-bay if conjures up pictures of $10,000 dollar grilled cheese sandwiches and people selling autographed major league baseballs. The truth is more and more people are buying everyday items such as clothing using on-line auction sites such as e-bay. Buying clothing on-line presents special challenges to both buyer and seller, so as the owner of an e-bay store that specializes in clothing sales I would like to offer some tips to help avoid some of the pitfalls of buying clothing on-line.

Tip 1: Look at all the pictures carefully. Buying clothes on-line is like buying a diamond; you need to check for color, cut and quality. Do not completely rely on the item description; in fact make sure the item description matches the article of clothing in the picture.

Tip 2: Double check the clothing sizes. Clothing sizes can be misleading. Check to see if the size listed in the post are Women’s, Men’s, Junior’s, boy’s, girl’s, kid’s or plus size. The seller may not always know the correct size. This can happen particularly with used clothing that lacks original price or size tags. Size can also vary between styles and manufacturers. Buying styles and brands on-line you are familiar with will help alleviate this problem.

Tip 3: Read the fine print. This applies to all auction buying. A good seller will disclose any defects or problems with the item. The seller may request a specific payment method, such as PayPal or money order. Make sure you have the money to pay for the item in a timely fashion via an approved method by the seller. Don’t forget to check the shipping method used by the seller. Sellers will often times offer various shipping methods that meet your budget or time needs. You may want to ask the seller specific questions about shipping if the item will be shipped internationally. That brings us to Tip 4.

Tip 4: Communicate with the seller. Never be afraid to ask the seller a question. Any reputable e-bay seller with answer your questions promptly and honestly. Be weary of sellers that dodge your questions or do not answer them. The seller may be more flexible on payment and shipping methods than they appear in the posting. All you have to do is ask. You may also request that the seller contact you with specific clothing measurements, such as inseam, rise, or waist.
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tip #5: if you don't want pet hair or cigarette smell on your clothes, and the seller doesn't state whether or not they're 'pet/smoke free'... ASK!!! i've gotten more hairy smelly clothes than anyone has a right too. mine own fault, mostly, for not asking. you know how we girls are, we see something pretty and forget to ask a sensible question before we break out the wallet! Wink just my 2 cents.
Queen, great post and I amen all of the suggestions you listed. As a "pre-owned" clothing seller for the last 4+ years, I as a seller have learned a lot of tips when I am listing clothing. When I think of how I started out and what I do now, it is amazing.

You really do need to check out those auctions. Pictures and descriptions tell you how much that seller cares about what they are selling and they care about what YOU are buying. If they do not represent excellence, then they may just be a passing by seller and not serious about what they are selling. Many are just getting rid of things in their closet that really should have been donated.
Believe me, I ran a clothing minisry for years and also have done consignment. Many people have a hard time "throwing away" things that they loved, but have seen their day. Sometimes they think the next person will love it as much as they did, even if it is not in the best condition! And this is expecially true with high end brands. A St. John that has seen it's day, will not be desirable even if it was expensive at first. As Queen said, PRESENTATION, says alot about the seller. So use caution and don't part with your money to fast and be disappointed.
I also might mention that you can also check the ME page of that seller. If you do not like pet hair on your items, then sometimes you can tell by the me page when they have pictures of their cats or dogs. And yes they may say that the animal isn't where the clothing is, but just like smoke, how do you tell pet hairs that are flying in the air where to NOT go.
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